Why a Case Study Video Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Why a Case Study Video Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

You already know that video marketing plays a key role in connecting your brand with your target audience. However, did you know each type of video can provide you with a unique marketing solution? Today, let’s explore why a case study video is the best way to showcase previous projects and demonstrate that your company is trained and experienced in your industry.

What Is a Case Study Video?

A case study video gives you the opportunity to show real-life examples of your work to potential customers. Using stats, footage, and other persuasive information from a past project, a case study video tells a customer success story about how your company helped someone reach their goal or overcome a challenge using your products or services.

Case study videos are highly effective as either live-action clips or animation. Rather than supplying your audience with a lengthy text describing your company’s past services and accomplishments, you can actually show them with captivating imagery and thoughtful dialogue. You’ll be able to summarize a huge accomplishment in a digestible, entertaining format.

Qualities of an Effective Case Study Video

There are several qualities your case study video should have in order to bring you the results you’re looking for. By working with a team of video marketing professionals, you’ll be better able to produce a video that hits all the marks.

●        Answer Your Customers’ Questions

Putting up a few shots of your past work won’t thoroughly convey to your audience what your company has accomplished. Your case study video will need to answer your customers’ toughest questions. Your customers will want to know why your business is relevant, how you differ from competitors, and what type of products or services you offer.

●        Tell a Complete Story

A case study video tells your audience a story about a time you provided a solution similar to a solution they’re looking for. In order to successfully convey this story, you’ll need to develop a storyline that hits all of the key stages:

●        Customer Identification: Introduce who benefitted from your company’s products or services. Ensure that this client is relatable and relevant to your target audience.

●        Problem Presentation: What challenges did your client come to your business with? What solutions did they need your business to provide them with?

●        Solution Explanation: Your case study video should thoroughly explain how you provided your client with a solution that helped them achieve their goals. Show your audience how your business’s products or services truly made a difference in your customer’s success and satisfaction.

●        Resolution: Finish your case study video off with a call to action. Tell your audience what they can do to get your business to assist them with their needs or requirements.

●        Establish Credibility

Your case study video is probably going up against a sea of competitors that your audience may also be considering. If you want your video to help you set your business apart from the competition, you should strategically place facts, statistics, and outstanding results throughout your video. This will show viewers that your company is a credible and trustworthy option.

In addition to containing these elements, your case study video should also stay on track with its target audience through an effective strategy. Your video’s strategy should help you determine who your audience is and where they’re located. Having a strategy will also allow you to monitor your video’s performance and make adjustments to maximize its success.

Choose Atomic 8 for Your Next Case Study Video

Case study videos show off your abilities to potential customers by providing real-life examples of your success. With the right video, your audience will be able to relate to featured customers and begin visualizing themselves achieving their own goals with your company’s products or services.

If you’re in need of a video marketing strategy that generates results, Atomic 8 is ready to help. We bring a team of digital and marketing specialists to every project to maximize your video’s quality and success. To get started on your strategy, contact the team today at 612-486-5580.

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