Video Production Services

Professional Video Production Services in Minneapolis

  • Produce Consistent Video Content Affordably Video is widely know as the medium most likely to get attention from your potential customers. But producing good video can be quite expensive. Atomic 8 makes video production affordable with our ongoing video plans.
  • Entire Corporate Solutions Chances are your companies story, products or services and goals can't be summed up in a single video. That's why we start with your goals and come up with a multi-video comprehensive solution that meets your needs.
  • More Results Not only do we produce the videos you need. We place them on the platforms that are best suited to reach your targeted audience. We then test, monitor and enhance until your goals are met.


Atomic 8 offers comprehensive, long-term strategies for custom video production services in Minneapolis. Our team handles every aspect of your ongoing video marketing strategy, from video inception to how and when your finished product goes live. This retainer-based approach saves our clients as much as 50% over single-purchase videos!

  • Produce consistent content affordably with Atomic 8’s video production services.
  • Work with video marketing experts to create a custom long-term strategy.
  • Captivate your target audience with ongoing video content for all platforms.

Corporate Video Solutions

Product Videos

Highlight product features and advertise top sellers and new releases in your inventory.

Service Videos

Show customers the problem, the solution, the experience, and the larger vision of what you can do for them.

Our Story Videos

Share your brand’s history, core values, and experience with a thoughtful “Our Story” video.

Employee Recruitment

Looking for the most qualified applicants? Reel in top talent with an employee recruitment video.

Explainer Videos

Showcase a product or process to potential customers with a video that’s concise and easy to follow.

Mobile Videos

Watching video on a smartphone or tablet is the norm. Provide viewers with easy access to your content.

Case Study Videos

Provide proof of value and examples of your work with a thorough case study video.

Testimonial Videos

Leverage positive customer experiences to establish your company’s credibility.

Lead Generation Videos

Build trust with your audience by providing valuable information, and the leads will come in.

Training Videos

Enhance the instruction and learning experience at your business with a professional employee training video.

Promotional Videos

Spread the word about upcoming events, sales, products to potential and existing customers.

Branding Videos

Set yourself apart from the competition by showing what makes your company and offerings unique.

Video Production at Atomic 8: How It Works

First off, our experts at Atomic 8 will identify your pain points and the best methods to capture your audience’s attention. Then, we’ll outline a long-term, multi-video strategy that specifically targets your company’s needs.

When it comes to marketing video productions, the logistics of shooting footage is what most affects the cost. With that in mind, Atomic 8 takes steps to capture as much footage as possible for multiple videos within a one-day shoot. This effectively keeps our clients well within their video marketing budget.

More Than a Video Production Company

Once your video is ready to go live, our on-staff specialists know how, when, and where to place the video. Whether we created a video ad, media for various social platforms, or video for your website, Atomic 8 will take care of everything for you, from posting to SEO video marketing.

Plus, we take steps to glean data from each video to further refine our strategy and process for your specific company’s needs.

If you have any questions about our video production services or would like to set up a consultation, contact our experts online or give us a call at 612.486.5580 to kickstart your video marketing efforts today.

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Why Use Corporate Videos?

  • Best Way To Influence Potential Customers

  • Increase Views & Rankings

  • Establish Trust & Credibility

  • Build Awareness & Spread Your Message

Our Process


We sit down and discuss your video needs, ideas and what you want video to accomplish for your business.


We sit down as a team and come up with ideas, strategy, and everything needed to accomplish the goals you’ve set with a complete video plan.

Strategy Reveal

In our second meeting we’ll go over our vision and strategy. This will include a complete storyboard of your first video and our vision for what a complete video marketing solution entails, including pricing.

Plan & Prep

We get everything coordinated prior to shoot day so there are no surprises. Whether it’s equipment, scripts, actors, props, or approvals we make sure everything runs smoothly.

One-Time Shoot

Our goal is to make video marketing affordable by getting everything we need in one shoot. Whether it’s for one video or a series of videos in a marketing plan. We get the shots, interviews, and b-roll to set you up for success.

Creation & Placement

We put together the captured footage and work with you to create the perfect video. But creating the perfect video doesn’t mean anything if nobody sees it. So we work with you to target and place your videos wherever your target audience is.