Video Advertising

Professional Video Advertising Services in Minneapolis

  • Video For All Platforms From social media video ads to traditional TV commercials, our team has the equipment, skills, and advanced experience needed to create impactful video ads for any channel.
  • Production & Placement Not only does our team produce your videos but our ad team will place each ad buy on the best possible platform to reach your audience.
  • Full Service Our team handles everything, from strategy and planning, pre & post production, to placement and analysis. We have the expertise to make hitting your goals with video easy and painless.


Dazzling graphics. Relevant information. Persuasive storytelling… Nowadays, you need to go above and beyond when it comes to providing engaging, striking, and informative content to your target audience. Fortunately, your Minneapolis business doesn’t have to look too far for professional video marketing solutions specifically tailored to better cater to your advertising or promotional needs!

At Atomic 8, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional video advertising services to all our Twin Cities and surrounding area clients. Increasing engagement, generating leads, boosting brand awareness; all of these results are within your reach when you choose to take advantage of all the video marketing services we have to offer!

Whether you’re interested in producing professional product videos to stir excitement or you’re looking to create a visually inspiring animated marketing video to go viral across your social media channels, we have you covered! Contact Atomic 8 today to learn more about our intimate video advertising production process.

Our Video Advertising Solutions:

Social Media Video Ads

Our social media video ads are optimized to reach your target audience on a variety of platforms.

Facebook Video Ads

Be seen on one of the most widely-used social media platforms in the world with our Facebook ad production services.

Instagram Video Ads

Eye-catching Instagram story ads prompt your audience to visit your website and engage with your brand.

YouTube Ads

Get in front of your audience on the most popular video-based platform on the internet.

Custom Video Advertising Solutions For Immediate Marketing Results

Professional video marketing services can help your company leverage the power of social media to enhance your brand’s online reputation. Our video marketing team handles every aspect of video production, from brainstorming a concept and writing a script to creating and launching your ad. We even analyze its performance after it’s live to ensure your video ads are generating the results you’re looking for.

Our experts will work closely with you to determine which type of social media ads and placements can best achieve your goals. We aim to only develop compelling advertisements that are customly designed around your specific audiences and objectives, in order to help your business:

  • Extend Reach: One of the great things about video advertising is that not only can you target your ideal audience, but they can also share your video, ensuring that more people have access to your company and brand.
  • Enhance Engagement: Studies show that ideal prospects are far more likely to click on video ads than other visuals, like banners.
  • Build Brand Awareness: Because consumers can easily share your video ads on multiple social media platforms, you’re bound to enhance your brand awareness as your video reaches more people.
  • Generate Leads: As your compelling video ads reach a larger, targeted audience, you’re bound to cultivate more leads.

Atomic 8: Providing Video Advertising for Every Platform

Getting the digital marketing results you want starts with enlisting the video marketing services you need. At Atomic 8, video advertising is our passion, and we look forward to making it yours as well! Contact us online or give us a call at 612.486.5580 to kickstart your video marketing efforts today.

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Why Video Advertisements Work

  • Highly targetable to reach your ideal customers

  • Video ads grab your audience’s attention

  • Generate sales & leads at a lower cpa

  • Help establish credibility in your industry

Our Process


We sit down and discuss your video needs, ideas and what you want video to accomplish for your business.


We sit down as a team and come up with ideas, strategy, and everything needed to accomplish the goals you’ve set with a complete video plan.

Strategy Reveal

In our second meeting we’ll go over our vision and strategy. This will include a complete storyboard of your first video and our vision for what a complete video marketing solution entails, including pricing.

Plan & Prep

We get everything coordinated prior to shoot day so there are no surprises. Whether it’s equipment, scripts, actors, props, or approvals we make sure everything runs smoothly.

One-Time Shoot

Our goal is to make video marketing affordable by getting everything we need in one shoot. Whether it’s for one video or a series of videos in a marketing plan. We get the shots, interviews, and b-roll to set you up for success.

Creation & Placement

We put together the captured footage and work with you to create the perfect video. But creating the perfect video doesn’t mean anything if nobody sees it. So we work with you to target and place your videos wherever your target audience is.

Why Atomic 8 Creative for Your Ad Solutions?

As your trusted video marketing agency, Atomic 8 Creative works closely with you to bring your vision to life. Our team of digital media specialists, marketing strategists, and writers collaborate to create video ads designed to resonate with your audience and drive leads. Contact Atomic 8 to get started!