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YouTube Video Ad Production Twin Cities

Custom Video Strategy

Your video strategy is the key to your success! It will outline the best style and schedule for your YouTube ad.

Professional Results

Atomic 8 brings a team of creative video professionals to every project. We’ll ensure that every part of your YouTube ad is handled by the best creative to generate quality results.

Regular Updates

We take the time to help you understand your ad’s performance metrics. We’ll also answer any questions and address any concerns you may have along the way.

Digital Marketing Guidance

With years of experience in digital advertising, Atomic 8 Creative knows how to get your YouTube ad in front of the right audience. We consistently monitor your ad’s success and apply effective strategies to maximize its potential.

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Our YouTube Ad Services

More than a billion people watch videos on YouTube every month, making it a highly effective platform for advertisers. A well-produced video ad can fit right in with other videos, creating a better user experience compared to more disruptive types of online ads. If you’re looking for professional YouTube video ad production services, choose Atomic 8 Creative. With our creativity and a thoughtful strategy, we can help you get in front of your ideal audience at the right time.

YouTube is a notoriously popular platform, and its audience is growing. People use YouTube to seek both information and social interaction, which uniquely positions the platform to reach an incredibly wide range of users. With the popularity of vlogs and product reviews, you can advertise your brand in more ways than one.

Our video marketing team handles every aspect of video production, from brainstorming a concept and writing a script to creating and launching your ad. We even analyze its performance after it’s live to ensure your video ads are generating the results you’re looking for.

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Why Use YouTube Ads?

  • Nearly every internet user has utilized YouTube at some point. With so many genres of video content, YouTube makes a popular stopping point for many types of audiences. You can get your message heard by a high volume of people by getting on YouTube.
  • YouTube is filled with highly influential content creators. You can partner with these creators to influence buyers into your products and services using an ad video. Additionally, you can place your ad before popular videos related to your industry.
  • YouTube provides quick and easily accessible video metrics. With these metrics, you’ll be able to know who’s watching your videos, how long they’re watching the content, and how often they’re engaging. Knowing these statistics sets you up for success!
  • YouTube ads are notoriously effective, giving them a noteworthy return on your investment. When it comes to advertising on YouTube, the benefits certainly outweigh the cost with increased sales and leads.
  • YouTube also gives you the option to target your audience. If you know your desired audience has a specific set of interests or if they should be a certain age or gender, YouTube gives you the option to reach that specific group.



Examples of YouTube Video Ads From Atomic 8

Our Process


We sit down and discuss your video needs, ideas and what you want video to accomplish for your business.


We sit down as a team and come up with ideas, strategy, and everything needed to accomplish the goals you’ve set with a complete video plan.

Strategy Reveal

In our second meeting we’ll go over our vision and strategy. This will include a complete storyboard of your first video and our vision for what a complete video marketing solution entails, including pricing.

Plan & Prep

We get everything coordinated prior to shoot day so there are no surprises. Whether it’s equipment, scripts, actors, props, or approvals we make sure everything runs smoothly.

One-Time Shoot

Our goal is to make video marketing affordable by getting everything we need in one shoot. Whether it’s for one video or a series of videos in a marketing plan. We get the shots, interviews, and b-roll to set you up for success.

Creation & Placement

We put together the captured footage and work with you to create the perfect video. But creating the perfect video doesn’t mean anything if nobody sees it. So we work with you to target and place your videos wherever your target audience is.

Why Choose Atomic 8 for Your YouTube Video Ads?

Whether you want to attract potential customers with animation or crisp, clear video, we have the skills, equipment, and experience to deliver. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!