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Minneapolis Promotional Video Production Company

  • Custom Video Package When you work with Atomic 8, you’ll receive a video package that outlines the best video style and video frequency for your success.
  • Flexible Strategy Whether you want to increase sales or spread the word about a new product, we can help you convey your message in a powerful way with a variety of video styles.
  • Ongoing Marketing With years of video marketing expertise, we know how to get your promotional video in front of the right viewers.


Building excitement, increasing anticipation, enticing new audiences; these are all standard results for any professionally shot and edited promotional video! Creating hype and boosting your brand is what we here at Atomic 8 strive to do with our comprehensive promotional video production services.

Whether you’re trying to prepare your customers for a big announcement or you’re in the midst of launching a new product or service, nothing captures the thrill and elation of sharing a new milestone quite like a perfect promo video. Our team of video marketing professionals will work directly with you to assess your promotional needs, ultimately creating a truly unique and captivating promotional video that will only stir up more intrigue and engagement for your brand.

Are you as excited as us to share your big news? Contact Atomic 8 today to get started on your next promo video!

Recent Examples of Promotional Videos From Atomic 8


Rouse Your Target Audience With Persuasive Promotional Video Production

Do you have an event, sale, or product you want to inform people about? Or perhaps a milestone, achievement, or expression of gratitude you wish to share with your clients? Atomic 8 is ready to help you reel in customers with a fun and exciting promotional video!

Similar to TV commercials and teaser videos, promotional videos are intriguing clips that advertise an important message. There are many reasons why promotional videos are highly effective. With the right touch of creativity and information, viewers get a powerful incentive to visit your store or company. Our promotional video production services are intended to:

Promote Events & Products: One of the best ways to spread the news about an upcoming event, sale, or product launch is to invest in a promotional video. Reach a larger audience and broadcast the exciting news your company has to offer.

Increase Sales: Studies show that promotional videos can increase conversion rates by 80%.

Build Your Community: At Atomic 8, our in-house digital marketing team knows how to share your promotional video to your target demographic, effectively communicating your big news to your consumers and building your community.

Spread Brand Awareness: The best promotional video productions encapsulate the essence that makes your company unique, sharing your unique voice, and building trust between you and your consumers.

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Why Use Promotional Videos?

  • Inform Customers Quickly

  • Showcase Credibility & Trust

  • Increase Leads & Sales

  • Build Awareness to Your Product or Service

Our Process


We sit down and discuss your video needs, ideas and what you want video to accomplish for your business.


We sit down as a team and come up with ideas, strategy, and everything needed to accomplish the goals you’ve set with a complete video plan.

Strategy Reveal

In our second meeting we’ll go over our vision and strategy. This will include a complete storyboard of your first video and our vision for what a complete video marketing solution entails, including pricing.

Plan & Prep

We get everything coordinated prior to shoot day so there are no surprises. Whether it’s equipment, scripts, actors, props, or approvals we make sure everything runs smoothly.

One-Time Shoot

Our goal is to make video marketing affordable by getting everything we need in one shoot. Whether it’s for one video or a series of videos in a marketing plan. We get the shots, interviews, and b-roll to set you up for success.

Creation & Placement

We put together the captured footage and work with you to create the perfect video. But creating the perfect video doesn’t mean anything if nobody sees it. So we work with you to target and place your videos wherever your target audience is.

Promotional Video Services with Atomic 8

At Atomic 8, we make sure your video grabs the viewer's attention so that they immediately understand what's happening at your business, as well as inform them of how they can access your event, product, or service. Promotional videos are a vital part of our video production services, but that's not all we offer.

To learn more about what video marketing strategies might best fit your company's goals, contact us online or give us a call at 612.486.5580.