3 Storytelling Tips for Video Marketing

3 Storytelling Tips for Video Marketing

Beginning. Middle. End. Those three words have been the backbone to any compelling narrative since before Shakespeare ever even picked up the quill!

From Steven Spielberg films to fast food video advertisements, every style of video content tells a story. While typical video advertising goals generally pertain to promoting your brand, showcasing products or services, or improving engagement, none of those objectives can be possible without incorporating an intriguing, informative, and influential story arc into your short running time. 

Of course, your video content doesn’t have to be Academy Award-worthy as far as storytelling goes. However, it’s still important to implement all the essential elements of an engaging narrative to truly capture the attention and interest of your target audience.

So what makes for combining a compelling story with all the other branding components of your video marketing production?

Here are three storytelling tips you should be utilizing to create and share truly compelling video marketing content.

1. Structure Your Story

Remember high school English class? Dissecting all of those classic novels by discussing the exposition and rising action or debating the interpretation of the resolution? All of those elements of a storytelling arc are still applicable today, especially when it comes to advertising with video.

Everyone knows a story has a beginning, middle, and an end. But to take that arc further, here’s a breakdown of how you can apply the classic storytelling narrative arc into your video marketing production.


This is the introduction of your video content, where you are establishing the tone, vibe, and message of your video, as well as any characters, products, or branding that are imperative to the “plot.”

The exposition of your video content is arguably the most important element of the story arc, as your viewers will decide within seconds whether to continue watching or not.

Here’s a general example of an exposition applied for a typical video advertisement:

Meet Bill. Bill is a happy, healthy, 42-year-old business owner who loves gummy bears almost as much as he does helping his clients get the best quote possible on their auto insurance.

Right off the bat, we introduce the audience to the main character of the advertisement so we have a face to associate with the story or arc of the video.

We also accompany this exposition with an established tone for the content, while concluding it with the specific service we’re trying to showcase.

Rising Action

This is where we kick the content into high gear, implementing in literature what’s referred to as the “inciting incident.” This component of the story is intended to create more intrigue with the viewer, so that they want to keep watching to see how the “incident” is resolved.

Let’s add some rising action into the Bill the Auto Insurance Salesmen advertisement:

But Bill has a problem. In addition to recently running out of gummy bears, Bill can’t seem to find a sufficient way to spread more awareness about his auto insurance company to his preferred target audience!

Here we’ve introduced our “inciting incident” (brand awareness, lead generation, etc.) that is creating conflict within our lead character’s life.

So how will Bill get help spreading the word about his auto insurance company?


This is where Bill finds the answer he’s been looking for. The climax is where we reach the meaning and intention of our video advertisement, introducing the brand, message, and solutions necessary to helping our lead character resolve their conundrum.

Here’s where Bill meets the climax head-on:

Fortunately, Bill got connected with Atomic 8, a video marketing agency that will help Bill spread the word about his auto insurance business with proven, cost-effective video advertising strategies that will deliver lasting results!

Bill’s prayers have been answered, and now we can move closer to providing Bill with the happy ending he deserves.

Falling Action

This is where the audience becomes more enlightened as to what Bill’s decision to work with Atomic 8 has in store for him and his auto insurance company. The falling action is where your video content should highlight the products, services, or solutions the viewer needs to cater to their needs and improve their life.

Let’s see Bill’s falling action in action:

After working with Atomic 8, Bill’s company now has access to professional video production services that will help Bill target his preferred customers, influence them to utilize his services, and build more brand awareness within his community. The only thing Atomic 8 will leave up to Bill is finding more gummy bears.

As you can see, our falling action gets to the nitty gritty of what Atomic 8 has to offer Bill, as well as highlights what specific solutions Bill is going to experience after working with Atomic 8.


Now it’s time for our happy ending! This is where we tie everything together with our story, as well as conclude our branded introduction to the audience and inform them of how they should take action with enlisting our services.

Let’s resolve Bill’s story arc:

Be like Bill and contact Atomic 8 for all your video marketing and production needs. We might even throw in some gummy bears to sweeten the deal!

Cut! That’s a wrap!

2. Remember the Four Ps

You know the formula to a story arc, but how do you connect all the dots and fill out your advertising narrative? We have another storytelling tip for you to remember: the four Ps.

People. Place. Plot. Purpose.

These four P’s are the secret to crafting a compelling narrative that will flesh out your story arc and capture the attention of your target audience.

Here’s a brief breakdown of how you should utilize each P!


Who are the character(s) in your video content, and how is their role applicable to your target audience, as well as their needs?

If your preferred customer is an active 30-something, then you know exactly who you need to write and cast!


What is the location of your advertisement, and how is it relevant to your target audience?

If you’re trying to attract an upper class audience, perhaps an elegant office or golf course is a relatable environment for them. Blue collar target audience? Try a construction site or family supper at the dinner table.


What message and solutions are you trying to inform your audience about?

Answer that question and apply it to our aforementioned story arc.


What do you want the audience to do with all this newfound information they’ve consumed?

Conclude your video content with a compelling call to action that educates them on how to take advantage of your products or services.

3. Be Yourself

At the end of the day, the story your business is trying to share should be an accurate reflection and representation of your company’s mission and values. You want to inject a tone that’s on par with how you and your team interacts with customers in-person.

Are you generally lively and jovial with clients? Then perhaps the story you’re telling should be fun, exciting, or humorous!

Are you trying to establish yourselves as authorities in your field? Then maybe your narrative should elicit a more bold, sophisticated tone that speaks directly to the concerns or needs your preferred customer has.

It’s important to keep in mind that every piece of video content you produce and share is an extension of your company’s personality. The last thing you want to do with your video advertisement is create unexpected or off-brand expectations with your target audience.

Custom Branding Solutions From Video Marketing Experts

Every business has a story to tell, and we here at Atomic 8 do whatever it takes to help you share your story with consumers actively looking for the products or services you specialize in.

When you need custom video marketing solutions, contact Atomic 8 to take advantage of all the video advertising services we have to offer!

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