5 Finishing Touches That Can Improve Your Video Content

5 Finishing Touches That Can Improve Your Video Content

Video content… IT’S EVERYWHERE!

Whether you’re scrolling through your social media feeds or you’re opening up your web browser, video content marketing is always capturing our attention. And all signs indicate that video advertising certainly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Research shows that nearly 80% of people watch video content every week, with 54% of consumers stating that they would want to see more video content produced by the businesses and brands they support.

But with so much branded video content out there circulating the web, how do you get your company’s video content to stand out amidst the rest of the pack?

It’s the little things that can make a big difference when it comes to advertising with video. With the right video marketing production services and editing techniques, you can create some truly original, engaging video content that will be sure to help boost your SEO rating and online presence.

So you’ve already shot the footage for your video content – congratulations! You’ve gotten the hard stuff out of the way. Now you just need to implement the necessary tricks and tactics that will better optimize your video content so it can reach more eyes and ultimately generate more leads.

Here are five finishing touches you can incorporate into your video marketing production that will be sure to improve the quality and engagement of your video content.

1. Engaging Calls to Action

A well-produced, encompassing piece of video content is essentially a waste if there’s no engaging call to action (CTA) to accompany it!

Driving traffic to your online store, encouraging email signups, taking advantage of exclusive discounts; Whatever the goal of your video content is, you need a CTA that motivates the viewer to take action and instructs them on how they can engage with and support your brand.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate a CTA into your video content is by concluding the video with a CTA end screen. This essentially means filling up the screen with anything from clickable links to some of your other published video content to promotional product pages to contact links.

Without an informative and accessible CTA, your video content will fail to reach its engagement and persuasive potential.

2. Set the Score

Nothing turns a viewer off like a soundless, stale video! Incorporating music or sounds into your video content is an essential component of editing, as it does wonders for enhancing the overall visual aesthetic of your branded video.

Remember not to use any copyrighted material without permission, and make sure the music or sounds you’re implementing matches the tone or vibe of your video content so your audience isn’t thrown off.

3. Accompanying Text

While music and sounds are ideal for improving the overall video content experience, it’s also a good idea to incorporate some accompanying text into your videos. For starters, some social media scrollers will have the sound off when they come across your video content, so adding text that articulates your brand and entices them to turn the sound on will do more for reaching more eyes.

Adding accompanying text to your videos will also improve the accessibility of your content, allowing anyone who’s hearing-impaired to better assess and engage with your videos.

It’s also smart to add closed captions to your video content, which can also have an impact on SEO ranking.

4. Comprehensive Captions

Far too often, businesses fail to take the captions of their video content into account with video marketing strategies. You want to utilize the caption area for providing all the necessary instructions you need to articulate to your audience: who you are, what you’re selling, where they can make a purchase, how they can follow your social media channels, etc.

When writing your captions, incorporate a tone that’s on par with the voice of your video content, to ensure your branding remains cohesive.

Ultimately, you should think of the caption as the Robin to your video content’s Batman; a complimentary piece that does the under-appreciated work of accurately describing the content of your video, while also linking to appropriate sites that will generate more web traffic and leads.

5. Incorporating Hashtags

There’s a reason most of the video content you come across is accompanied by a barrage of hashtags. When it comes to boosting the reach and potential engagement of your video content, incorporating the right hashtags into the caption of your videos is an essential finishing touch for any video marketing campaign.

Utilize the appropriate hashtag research tools to see which hashtags are ranking that are also relevant to the products and services you provide, or the industry you serve. You should also be implementing hashtags that focus on specific locations or demographics you’re trying to reach.

You’ll be amazed at how much more engagement you’ll generate by simply incorporating the appropriate hashtags!

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