6 Quick Tips to Improve Your Video Marketing Strategy

6 Quick Tips to Improve Your Video Marketing Strategy

Getting started with a successful video marketing strategy can seem like a daunting task. Sometimes, it can feel like no matter how hard you try, your videos simply aren’t bringing you the results you're looking for. However, by following a few tried and tested tips, you’ll be able to establish a successful video strategy that generates increased leads, enhanced brand awareness, and better results.

Let’s talk about a few ways you can enhance your video marketing strategy and its effectiveness in bringing you enhanced results!

1. Develop a Creative Brief

Every successful project should have a creative brief. A creative brief serves as a guide for your project, outlining the timeline, budget, and overall goals.

A thorough creative brief will keep you and your team on track as you create video and monitor its success. If you’re not sure how to form an effective creative brief, consult with a professional video marketing team.

2. Choose a Keyword-Specific Title and Description

When it comes time to post your new video, don’t underestimate the power behind the title and description.

A title and description often serves as a viewer’s first impression of your video, so it's best to take the time to ensure that these parts are relevant and optimized. You can accomplish this by keeping the title and description short but relative to the video’s content.

Strategically include keywords that your target audience may be interested in to ensure your video is showing up.

3. Film With Good Lighting

Nothing diminishes your video’s quality more than poor lighting!

If you want your video to attract your audience and maintain their interest, you’ll want your video to come off professional and well produced. In order to do that, make sure you’re shooting your video with good, bright lightning. This will enhance the image’s overall presentation when you go back and watch it on a screen.

4. Add Closed Captions

In addition to assisting viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing, closed captions can also help you boost your spot on search engines, as they serve as another way that you can provide viewers with highly researched keywords.

Additionally, social media videos often play without sound, so the closed captions can keep viewers engaged without requiring them to turn up the volume on their phones or computers.

5. Use Impactful Calls to Action

Including calls to action at the end of your video can help you enhance your video’s engagement and impact on your audience.

From encouraging the viewer to purchase your product to simply picking up the phone to call your business, a clear call to action can provide your viewer with a way to stay engaged with your brand even after they’re done watching your video.

Working with a team of professional video marketing specialists can help you determine the best call to action for your brand and video.

6. Analyze Results on a Regular Basis

Your video’s stats can help you understand the effectiveness of your video’s content and its placement online.

For example, after analyzing your stats, you may realize that Facebook serves as a much more effective platform for your video than a certain page on your website.

You may also discover opportunities to engage with new target audiences after seeing how your video resonates with a certain demographic. Understanding these metrics can be difficult for the non-expert, so seek the help from a trained team of marketing professionals for a thorough analysis of your video’s success.

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