How Video Marketing Can Help You Connect With Gen Z and Millennials

How Video Marketing Can Help You Connect With Gen Z and Millennials

Younger generations, such as Gen Z and Millenials, make up a major portion of today’s online population. However, it can be difficult to know exactly how to entertain and connect with these generations when it comes to sharing your company’s message and branding.

Taking the time to understand exactly who these generations are and where these users are spending their time can help you generate videos that increase engagement and results.

Who is Generation Z?

People born between 1996 to 2010 make up Generation Z. Because these individuals were born into a highly technological atmosphere, they’re extremely connected through various social media platforms and online forums. Generation Z is technologically savvy and can be considered extremely conscious consumers of online content.

Because of their familiarity and comfort with digital technology, there are several steps you should take to ensure your video content is tailored to the younger generation’s consumption habits, values, and preferences.

Take Advantage of Popular Platforms

It’s no secret that the younger generations value their video content — which is great news for you! However, knowing exactly which platforms these users are engaging with video content is essential for generating successful content.

Currently, younger generations spend a lot of time on video-based social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Tik Tok. Each of these platforms utilize a unique video style, so it's critical to know how to produce relevant content for each specific channel.

By working with an experienced video marketing agency, you’ll have better success creating high-quality videos that fits in with the platform’s style and entertains your young target audience.

Generate Short & Concise Content

People’s attention spans are dropping and they’re losing interest at faster paces, especially for the individuals in younger generations. Popular online platforms are adjusting their permissions to support these shortening attention spans by only allowing their users to upload one to three minute videos.

While YouTube still allows full-length content, you’ll want to opt for shorter, more concise videos to keep your younger audience engaged. Popular video platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram will require you to share your message in a quick manner.

If you do decide to create a longer video for YouTube, remember to keep the visuals, dialogue, and audio entertaining.

Keep Your Message Authentic

Younger generations value honesty and transparency with their online content. These young users want to hear real messages from real people, and they can see straight through scams, lies, and gimmicks!

If you want to connect with the younger generations, keep your video clear of sales pitches and marketing jargon. Utilize dialogue that captures your company’s honest values and commitment to its employees and customers.

Encourage Viewer Engagement

People in younger generations like to get involved and feel that their voices are being heard. Show your viewers that you care what they have to say by encouraging interaction from them in your video.

Ask viewers to share their input in the comments section. Encourage them to “share” the video if they agree with your message. Tell them about a hashtag they can use to support your company’s message or brand.

Make it clear to your audience what they can do to get involved with your video and brand.

Contact Atomic 8 for Professional Video Marketing Services

While you may have a good understanding of what it takes to connect with the younger generations online, producing high-quality videos that drive results is no small feat. Atomic 8 is ready to make your marketing efforts easier with our professional video production services.

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