Are Your Videos Lacking Results? Here’s What to Do

Are Your Videos Lacking Results? Here’s What to Do

Sometimes, as a business owner, creating impactful and successful marketing materials can be difficult. It may seem like you're generating quality video content but your target audience doesn’t see it or engage with it. Knowing what you’re doing wrong isn’t always clear. However, there’s usually a clear explanation for a poorly performing video. Here are a few reasons why your video isn’t generating the success you’re looking for.

There’s No Clear Call to Action

We’ve all experienced a movie or video that compelled us to take action. For example, maybe a TV commercial informed you that tickets for your favorite band’s concert were on sale. The commercial told you where and how you could buy the tickets, causing you to head online and make a purchase. The videos you put out to your audience should generate a similar outcome, and the best way to succeed at this is by making your video actionable.

Your video should give your audience a clear call to action. Some examples of call to actions include telling viewers to visit your website to get more information or providing a phone number they can call to schedule their next appointment. Whatever your video is about, make sure it compels your audience to take action. This will drastically increase your audience’s engagement with your brand.

You Didn’t do Enough Research on Your Audience

A video that isn't attractive to its target audience will fall flat and generate little to no results. If you want your video to be successful, you’ll have to make sure that it appeals to your specific audience. This can be achieved in a couple of ways:

1.      Write your video’s script with a verbiage that meets your audience’s expectations. For example, if you’re connecting with teenagers, you should use a light and casual tone. Alternatively, if your target audience is middle-aged homeowners, your script should be written in a professional and mature voice that appeals to that demographic.

2.      Use actors and colors that appeal to your target audience. For example, a video that showcases a product that’s meant for college professors will require much different stylistic approaches and representations than an ad for a children’s toy. Know your audience and create a video using elements that relate to them.

Your Videos Aren’t in the Right Places

If you’re not properly optimizing your videos for search engines, or taking the time to ensure they’re placed on the best platforms, then all of the hard work you put into making your video won’t pay off. Depending on your business’s specific goals, your video needs to be uploaded and marketed strategically. From YouTube ads to Instagram stories, there are a variety of ways your video can be shared, but not every method is equally effective for your audience. You should work with a team of experienced video marketing specialists to ensure that your video gets in front of the right viewers.

Your Video Isn’t Answering Your Viewers’ Questions

When users watch your video, they have certain expectations. Based on your video’s placement, title, and thumbnail, your viewers are probably hoping it answers a question they have, so make sure it does just that. For example, if a viewer thinks your video is going to thoroughly discuss one of your case studies based on your video’s title and description, don’t drive the viewer away with content that discusses a completely different topic.

Atomic 8 is Your Video Marketing Team

Crafting a video that hits all the right marks can be a challenge to the non video marketing expert. Luckily, Atomic 8 is ready to provide you with a team of professionals capable of creating a video that drives the results you’re looking for. From clear call to actions to impactful video placement, Atomic 8 will help your business release a video that gets everything right.

Ready to get started on your company’s next video? Contact Atomic 8 today at 612-486-5580.

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