Creative Ways to Introduce Video to Your Audience

Creative Ways to Introduce Video to Your Audience

Video is a highly effective method of connecting with your audience, but knowing where to place your videos isn’t always clear. While your home page and social media profiles are always good places to start, there are several additional places you can catch your audience’s attention. Here are a few creative ways to get your videos in front of your audience.

Your Site’s Confirmation Page

Your site most likely encourages visitors to engage in some type of call to action. Whether it’s booking an appointment with your company or ordering a product, don’t let the fun end after they’ve submitted their form. Surprise and thank your customer with an engaging video on your website’s confirmation page.

Your video could be a feel-good testimonial video that assures the viewer they just made a good decision by choosing your brand. You could also place a friendly branding video to further introduce your company to the user so they can feel excited to work with you. By placing a professionally produced video on your site’s confirmation pages, you’ll be able to reestablish what your customers can expect from your company in a personal way.

Employee Introduction & About Us Pages

Showing off your employees is a great way to familiarize your customers with the top-quality experts they’ll be work with when they hire your company. However, when you incorporate video with your employee introductions, you’ll be able to establish and even stronger connection between your brand and audience.

Employee introduction and our story videos fit in well on your website’s “Meet the Team” page, “About Us” page, or on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and YouTube. You can also include each staff member’s introduction video on their own email signature to provide an entertaining and personable method of communicating with customers. Your audience will appreciate the time, effort, and creativity your team takes in properly introducing themselves.

Product or Services Page

Every consumer appreciates knowing exactly what they can expect when they hire a company or purchase a product. Placing a thorough explainer video on your site’s product or services page can help readers better understand what they’re purchasing or signing up for. The video can help answer specific questions potential customers may have and provide them with additional encouragement to complete their purchase.

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