Goals You Should Set for Your Video Marketing Strategy

Goals You Should Set for Your Video Marketing Strategy

By now, you should know that video content is the preferred form of marketing for all types of audiences. In fact, as businesses increasingly turn to video for their marketing efforts, up to 80% of online consumer traffic can now be attributed to video content. Additionally, 79% of users believe that video is the best way to get to know a brand or message. If your company isn’t taking advantage of this form of marketing, then you’re missing out on some potential success.

While you may be ready to reap the benefits that a video marketing strategy provides, you should avoid putting out just any type of content. If you want to set your business up for success, you should start by organizing your marketing strategy and establishing some goals and objectives. Here are a few quick tips for setting and reaching your marketing goals.

Understand Your Audience

Your videos should always be tailored to your audience and their preferences. Without a clear vision of who your target audience is, your videos won’t generate the results you’re looking for. Take some time to research your target audience and learn a few facts about them, such as:

●        Which social platforms and websites do they use to consume content?

●        How old is your audience and where do they live?

●        What does your audience like to do and what are their priorities?

●        What challenges and complications does your audience face and what type of solutions can your company provide them with?

By understanding these parts about your audience, you’ll be able to develop video content that directly relates to their interests and needs. The better you’re able to connect with your audience, the better results your video will generate.

Utilize Branding

You’ll want your audience to recognize your company every time they consume your content. The best way to do this is to actively brand your videos by utilizing consistent colors, tones, sounds, and logos. By branding your video and establishing your company’s identity, your audience will start to recognize and trust your company.

Entertain and Engage Your Audience

With so much video content competing for your audience’s attention, it’s important to ensure that your video’s message is entertaining and straightforward. In fact, the average human attention span is only eight seconds, so you’ll need to hook your viewers in as quickly as possible.

Your video should answer your audiences’ questions and entertain them with thoughtful dialogue and captivating imagery. If you’re unsure how to achieve this, reach out to a professional video production company for assistance.

Utilize SEO When Posting Your Video

Simply uploading your new video to your website or YouTube won’t get you the results and engagement your video marketing strategy needs. To maximize your content’s success, you’ll need to optimize your videos, so they rank on Google. There are a few ways you can optimize your videos:

●        Understand how video lengths and styles differ on each social media platform.

●        Conduct keyword research and include those in the title and description.

●        Write concise, straight-to-the-point titles.

●        Create backlinks to your video throughout your website and social media channels.

●        Format your video for mobile and desktop viewing.

Knowing exactly how to complete all these steps isn’t always crystal clear to the non-expert. By hiring a professional video marketing team, you’ll effectively optimize your video content so that it continuously brings your company elevated results.

Choose a Reputable Video Production Company

Establishing and maintaining a successful video marketing strategy isn’t a simple task, especially when you’re already busy tending to your company’s daily tasks and customer needs. By choosing to work with a professional video marketing company, you’ll not only release high-quality video content, but you’ll also see results by correctly optimizing your content.

At Atomic 8, we provide professional video production and marketing services for businesses in the Twin Cities area. Our team of marketing experts, digital media specialists, and writers will ensure all aspects of your video content are tailored to your audience and bring you results. Get started with a consultation and contact Atomic 8 today at 612-486-5580.

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