When to Add Video to Your Marketing Emails

When to Add Video to Your Marketing Emails

You may already know that video is an effective way to generate more interaction on your website or social media page, but did you know that adding video to your emails can also help you with marketing efforts?

By adding video to your email campaigns, you can boost click-through rates and user engagement. However, you can’t insert a video on any email you’d like. Similar to all types of marketing content, there is a strategy you’ll need to follow to generate the best results. Here are certain instances where video content is most effective.

Welcome New Subscribers

If you’ve recently received a number of new subscribers to your email campaign, this can serve as the perfect time to reintroduce your company to readers. Including a company story video can help you tell your subscribers what your brand is all about. You should utilize this opportunity to also tell your readers that you understand your customers and have solutions to their needs.

Remember to end your video with a clear call to action (CTA) that your readers can take to keep the sales process or relationship progressing. Whether it’s contacting your company to schedule an appointment or an option to learn more about your products, a strong CTA at the end of your video will maximize your email’s effectiveness.

Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Every company quickly learns their customers’ most frequently asked questions. Utilizing an email campaign that features an informative video can help answer some of the questions customers may have for your company in a quick and simple manner.

Case studies, explainer videos, and product demonstrations are a few examples of effective onboarding videos that you can use in your email campaign. These videos help the customer understand what your company does and provide viewers with a clear motive and calls to action to get them to the next step in the sales process.

For example, if your company offers professional window installation services, potential customers may wonder what the insurance process looks like for an installation. By creating an email campaign that features a video that answers this question in an informative and engaging way, you’ll be able to enhance your customers’ confidence and encourage them to sign up for your services.

Invite Your Subscribers to Events

Adding video to your event invitation can really make a difference in your guest count. In fact, 94% of hosts said they found using video effectively in their marketing efforts. Consider including a video in your email invitation that thoroughly highlights the event and why your readers should consider attending it. Your video should include a verbal invitation from a leader within your company in order to achieve a personable and direct reaction from your attendees.

Show Off Your Company With a Testimonial

If someone is subscribed to your newsletter, they’re likely already at least somewhat interested in your company. Sometimes, in order to solidify that trust and credibility between your company and its audience, you should provide them with a testimonial video. Emails are a great way to showcase your company’s ability to satisfy customers, and testimonial videos can help you tell that story in a fast and engaging way.

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