Tips for Creating Effective HR & Company Videos

Tips for Creating Effective HR & Company Videos

Videos can serve as effective tools to inspire and educate your company’s team. You can even utilize videos to recruit better-qualified applicants in times of job openings.

There are several steps you should take to ensure your HR videos are high quality and generate the results you’re looking for. Let’s take a closer look!

Aim for Quality

If you want your video to resonate with your staff, you’ll need to put as much effort into producing the video as you would with any other type of audience-facing content. Remember that your goal is to entertain and educate your team, so you will need high-quality footage and a thoughtful script.

A good video will better capture your staff’s attention while making them feel proud to be a member of the team.

Maintain Your Team’s Perspective

Whether it's a training video or an employee appreciation video, you’ll want to keep your staff’s goals and perspective in mind during production. Try to answer and address any questions and concerns your staff may have. Highlight your company’s values and establish the management team as a group of people your staff can rely on.

A high-quality video gives you the opportunity to ensure that your team feels good about all aspects of your company.

Get Your Team’s Opinion

Prior to releasing your employee recruitment video or training content, show the video to your team and ask for their feedback and approval. By including everyone in the production process, you’ll properly convey the importance that every person has to the company.

After all, your video should stand as an honest representation of your company, and everyone involved should be able to stand by your content and be excited about it.

Generate Excitement Over the New Project

It’s not everyday that an entire workplace has the opportunity to come together and create a piece of content that represents the company. Have some fun with the project and invite your team’s creative ideas to the table.

Ask staff if they want to have features in the video and show off your team’s sense of humor. By including your team’s unique personality in the video, you’ll be able to generate authentic, engaging content that everyone enjoys watching.

Contact Atomic 8 For Professional Video Services

Atomic 8 provides video production services capable of helping you establish a strong connection with your company’s team. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive strategy that will help you develop HR videos that your staff will learn from and enjoy watching. From concept to production and placement, Atomic 8 is the company you can count on for all of your video marketing needs.

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