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Employee Training Video Production in Minneapolis

  • Complete Video Strategy We'll create a custom plan to make adding Training Videos more cost-effective than other agencies.
  • Increase Retention Studies show that employees are 75% more likely to learn by watching a video as opposed to reading a written document or email. Plus, there’s a higher likelihood that they’ll retain more information as well.
  • Lower Administrative Costs Do it right once and let your videos take the place of having administrators train every employee, saving time and money.


Remember your first day on the job? The excitement, the nerves, the… Confusion? While it always takes a little while for new hires to get acclimated within their new work environment, what if there were a way to efficiently expedite their onboarding process and help new employees start contributing faster than ever before?

At Atomic 8, helping employers get their new hires better acquainted with their surroundings is what we do best! We offer professional employee training video production services designed to swiftly educate your employees on their new role and responsibilities, so they can get the hang of things as quickly as possible.

Our team of video production specialists will work directly with you to create a more engaging, informative, and accessible employee training tutorial that will serve as a stimulating introduction to your company and brand. No matter what industry your company serves, Atomic 8 has the experience, tools, and resources necessary to create a completely customized employee training video that’s as intriguing as it is informative.

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Recent Training Video Examples from Atomic 8


Corporate Training Videos That Will Engage and Educate

Pamphlets, manuals, PowerPoint presentations; your new employees have probably seen or read them all! With professional employee training video production, you can provide your new hires with a more invigorating way to familiarize themselves with their role and your brand.

This is how you can ensure your new hires get the most out of their onboarding process by showing them helpful employee training videos. At Atomic 8, we only create high-quality training videos designed to deliver information in a way that resonates with new hires and existing employees. Whether your company is enforcing new practices or recently brought on a team of new workers, a quality training video can be an effective teaching method.

Our team of creative professionals at Atomic 8 creates a custom training video to help your employees thrive in the workplace using high-end lighting and camera equipment. Our corporate training videos will work to:

  • Enhance Learning: Help integrate the newest members of your team by providing an informational employee training video.
  • Increase Retention: Studies show that employees are 75% more likely to learn by watching a video as opposed to reading a written document or email. Plus, there’s a higher likelihood that they’ll retain more information as well.
  • Standardize Onboarding Process: Avoid the messy discrepancies that can sometimes happen throughout the onboarding process by instilling helpful employee training videos, ensuring that every new team member receives the same information.

Atomic 8: Employee Training Videos for Every Niche

We start by taking the time to understand your business and what you want the video to accomplish. From there, our video marketing team collaborates to create a concept, write a script, film, edit, and launch your video.

Employee training videos can live on your website, on YouTube, or anywhere that offers easy access for your team. Plus, we work closely with you every step of the process to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the outcome.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best! Contact us online or give us a call at 612.486.5580 to discuss your training video production needs.

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Why Use Employee Training Videos?

  • Save Time, Money & Resources

  • Easier to Understand

  • Easily Accessible

  • Better Employee Retention

Our Process


We sit down and discuss your video needs, ideas and what you want video to accomplish for your business.


We sit down as a team and come up with ideas, strategy, and everything needed to accomplish the goals you’ve set with a complete video plan.

Strategy Reveal

In our second meeting we’ll go over our vision and strategy. This will include a complete storyboard of your first video and our vision for what a complete video marketing solution entails, including pricing.

Plan & Prep

We get everything coordinated prior to shoot day so there are no surprises. Whether it’s equipment, scripts, actors, props, or approvals we make sure everything runs smoothly.

One-Time Shoot

Our goal is to make video marketing affordable by getting everything we need in one shoot. Whether it’s for one video or a series of videos in a marketing plan. We get the shots, interviews, and b-roll to set you up for success.

Creation & Placement

We put together the captured footage and work with you to create the perfect video. But creating the perfect video doesn’t mean anything if nobody sees it. So we work with you to target and place your videos wherever your target audience is.

Why Atomic 8 for Your Training Videos?

A productive and well-organized team starts with quality training. Atomic 8 is ready to help you maximize the employee learning experience at your business with a professional training video. Contact us today to consult with one of our team members about your next training video.