4 Benefits of Animated Explainer Videos

4 Benefits of Animated Explainer Videos

Well executed animated video production doesn’t just dazzle viewers – it has the power to educate audiences, enlightening them about your company’s products or services, while presenting information in a sleek, eye-catching visual format.

In fact, the power of animated explainer videos in recent years has exponentially evolved into a highly successful advertising artform. Studies show that 96% of online consumers have watched an explainer video at some point to learn more about any given product or company, with 88% of those people ultimately being persuaded into making a purchase.

And when you combine professional explainer video production with cutting edge animated graphics, you’re ultimately left with seemingly infinite possibilities when it comes to grabbing the attention of your target audience.

Animated explainer videos may be a simple and successful means of enticing various demographics, but how exactly can your business take advantage of such video production services?

To truly understand the potential of this craft, check out these four benefits of animated explainer videos.

1. Endless Design and Production Possibilities

When it comes to stretching out your budget, animated explainer videos are guaranteed to provide you with infinite design and production possibilities as opposed to shooting live-action videos.

For starters, you obviously don’t need any actors, sets, cameras, equipment, etc. to make a truly captivating visual experience, which also means you won’t nearly have to spend as much money on the entire production itself.

Whether you want a subject canoeing in a river, parachuting through the air, or traveling in space, you can showcase any scenario through animation. This allows for more flexibility on the creative side of things, while still producing an accessible, yet captivating, breakdown of the specific services or products you wish to showcase.

2. Clarifying Complexities

You might know all the ins and outs of your company’s services or products, but breaking it all down for your target audience tends to be easier said than done.

For starters, you don’t want a video that’s too long, overly wordy, or generally complex, bombarding the viewer with excessive information or text. This is where animated explainer videos come in handy, providing you with more options to highlight or break down information, so you can efficiently and effectively explain any processes associated with your services or products.

Let’s say you’re a software developer who specializes in project management software. How do you include all the necessary information that successfully demonstrates the benefits and need for your software?

Through an animated explainer video, you can educate your viewer through multiple means of production all happening simultaneously, such as:

●        Animated Demonstrations: The animation itself can provide a visual demonstration of how to use the software, or showcase a montage that visually highlights its tools or resources.

●        Informative Narration: Voice-over narration can provide audio descriptions of all the software services and features, while the animation compliments or accentuates the information being voiced.

●        Enlightening Infographics: Implementing infographics, such as charts, graphs, bullet points, etc., makes for a more visually accessible breakdown of what the viewer gains from utilizing the software.

3. Better Google Ranking Results

Research has already shown that by 2022, video content will account for 80% of all web traffic, a significant increase from 67% in 2014.

Because video content has become the norm for consumer engagement, investing more into animated content that’s relevant and applicable to your brand, products, or services is an essential component to any successful video marketing plan.

Take a look at these SEO-related statistics regarding the potential of animated explainer videos:

●        Video content is 50 times more helpful for improving search engine results compared to plain text.

●        Video content has been shown to help get 157% more organic traffic from search results.

●        97% of marketers agree that explainer videos help their customers better understand their products or services.

●        93% of marketers report receiving higher-quality leads by sharing explainer videos across their social media channels.

When it comes to appeasing Google’s analytics and increasing customer engagement, animated explainer videos have emerged as a dependable, successful strategy.

4. Reflect Your Brand’s Message

Through animation, there are significantly more opportunities to reflect the image, message, and intentions of your brand, based on the sheer variety of design, colors, and editing options you have to work with.

For starters, you can easily choose what kind of emotions you want your explainer videos to evoke. Humor, seriousness, heartwarming, nostalgia – all of these sentiments can be achieved based on the styles of animation you choose to inject into your explainer videos.

To put it simply, animation gives you ample options to project your company’s unique voice, message, and services, all through a more visually appealing and accessible medium.

Animated Explainer Video Production From Atomic 8

Creating content that’s as engaging as it is informative to your target audience is the pathway toward generating more leads, clicks, and ultimately, sales. At Atomic 8, our team of video production specialists can create animated explainer video campaigns that will dazzle audiences, while breaking down what makes your brand unique and important.

Contact us today to learn more about all our video production services!

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