The Benefits of an Effective Video Marketing Strategy

The Benefits of an Effective Video Marketing Strategy

As the digital world continues to advance, it’s critical that your marketing strategy adapts with the changes. Setting your brand apart from the competition and establishing yourself as a leader in your industry may seem like a difficult task. However, by adding video to your marketing strategy, you may be able to enhance your brand awareness and credibility.

Prior to reaping the benefits of video marketing, there are a few factors you’ll need to keep in mind. First, you’ll need to have an idea of who your target audience is. Once you’ve identified who you’re trying to reach, then you’ll need a series of videos that keep your audience entertained and informed. Once you’re able to manage these steps, you’ll start seeing why video marketing is a beneficial addition to your existing strategy.

It’s time to quit waiting and start enhancing your brand with an effective video marketing strategy! Here are several benefits to jumping into the world of digital video.

Video Drives More Traffic to Your Website

As more consumers demand video content from the brands they love, businesses of all industries are going to need to adapt to video marketing strategies to comply with this growing demand.

To put it simply, having video content in your digital arsenal is what will ultimately drive more traffic to your website, resulting in leads and conversions you wouldn’t have obtained otherwise.

Cisco has outlined how dominant video content has become in relation to internet traffic, stating that visual content has surpassed 80% of all Internet traffic in 2021.

When you can expand your online presence through captivating and compelling video content, you can officially start to zero-in on your target audience and steer them toward your website.

Video Generates More Leads

Consider video marketing as an extremely effective investment. When you start producing compelling videos, you’ll be able to reach a wider audience. This will help you bring in more clients or customers.

You can utilize your videos to influence consumers into trying out your products or services. Working with a professional video marketing agency, such as Atomic 8, will help you ensure your videos have the right kind of content to encourage your audience to act.

Video Pairs Well With Email Marketing

An effective video strategy can help you minimize those pesky unsubscriptions with your email marketing system. By adding a video to your email blasts, you may be able to increase click-through rates and enhance customer engagement.

Videos can also benefit your email’s layout by providing subscribers with an intriguing promotional video about a new product or service you’re offering. Rather than reading about your brand’s new additions, subscribers can just watch and learn about them!

Video Can Boost Your Rank on Search Engines

When visitors spend a long time on a page, that page moves up on Google search results. Because videos tend to cause website visitors to stick around on a page longer, Google may place your website higher up on the results pages.

Additionally, because video can go on several platforms, you have the opportunity to get your content on more pages and sites.

Optimizing your video content for SEO, such as implementing target keywords into captions or choosing a video thumbnail image that relates specifically to relevant search results, is what will help Google’s search algorithms to prioritize your video content. SEO-friendly video content also can help your website or social media channels receive more backlinks from other sites, which also works toward improving your overall organic search engine rankings.

You can learn more about how video content can boost your SEO rankings by clicking here.

Video Can Increase Your Lead Conversion Rates

Video marketing certainly does everything to draw more eyes to your visual content and brand, but is it persuasive enough to compel your target audience to enlist your services or make a purchase? The research says “yes”!

Studies show that 84% of consumers are more inclined to buy a product or service from any given business after watching a video produced by that company.

Product videos, explainer videos, testimonial videos; All of these types of video marketing productions are perfect ways to not only spread brand awareness, but visually motivate your target audience to act on behalf of what they’re seeing.

Video Helps Gain Your Audience’s Trust

Video gives you the opportunity to show your brand’s personality and capabilities. By adding a personal touch to your list of services or products, viewers may feel more inclined to trust your company.

With a quality video, you can utilize sounds and visuals to show consumers why you’re the company they can count on. Once you build trust with your audience, you can expect to see an increase in sales and leads.

Video Maximizes Your Overall ROI

Understanding your ROI on any digital marketing investment is essential for knowing which strategies are proving successful and which could use some retooling. Video marketing supplies your business with all the resources, metrics, and analytics it needs to maximize your overall ROI.

Research shows that around 75% of surveyed businesses reported that their video marketing strategies ultimately increased their overall sales, while businesses that began utilizing video marketing tactics increased revenue 49% faster than previous years where video marketing was not included in their marketing budget.

When you can see firsthand the return of your video marketing investment, it’s hard to deny its marketing and branding potential.

Video Enhances Engagement

One of the best parts about video is its accessibility. The digital world gives us the ability to share all kinds of content, from pictures and news articles, all the way down to intriguing videos!

Your videos can go on a range of social media platforms and websites. With mobile video, you can even reach a larger audience thanks to smartphones and tablets. Video gives your audience plenty of opportunities to engage with your content and spread your message to other viewers.

The upward trend in video isn’t going to last for just one fleeting moment. Video will continue to progress and advance as the digital world changes. Even today, there are more companies taking advantage of 360-degree video angles and virtual reality.

When it comes to video marketing, the possibilities truly are endless! By investing in a new strategy, you can feel confident knowing this new form of marketing is here to stay.

Contact Atomic 8 for Your Video Marketing Solutions

At Atomic 8, we provide our clients with a talented team of creative professionals. We’ll handle all aspects of your video development from scriptwriting to digital animation. In addition to creating beautiful motion pictures, we’ll also establish a highly effective marketing strategy to help your brand thrive.

We will sit down with you to understand your goals and expectations with your new videos. We’ll design a video package tailored specifically for your needs and requirements. Once your new videos are live, we will regularly analyze their metrics to ensure your new content is hitting all the right marks.

Atomic 8 wants to see our clients thrive. We have the expertise and high-end equipment to create a video marketing strategy that maximizes your brand’s potential. To speak with our team of experts about your video strategy, contact Atomic 8 today at 612-486-5580. We look forward to helping you with your success in the world of video!

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