Tips for Recording Voice-Over Audio

Tips for Recording Voice-Over Audio

A powerful, engaging voice-over is oftentimes an essential part of producing a cohesive video that conveys your message and keeps your audience entertained.

There are several types of videos that are best accompanied with voice-over audio including explainer and animated videos. However, recording voice-over audio does come with its challenges, and if you don’t follow certain procedures, you may end up with a low-quality recording.

Here are a few tips to help you record voice-over audio that will work for your video.

Microphone Quality & Placement

Like most things, the more advanced your microphone is, the better your sound quality will be. However, that doesn’t mean you need to spend your entire budget on a new microphone.

It helps to do some research and choose a mic that’s dependable and compatible with your computer setup.

When recording your dialogue, make sure to position the microphone 8-12 inches away from the narrator’s mouth. This distance will ensure you capture all of the essential sounds without losing precious annunciation due to poor proximity.

Place the Script on a Music Stand

To avoid unwanted sounds of rustling papers in the background of your recording, consider placing the script on a music stand for your actor to see.

Placing the script on a music stand can also make it easier for the actor to easily read their lines, which can help you prevent mistakes and misread lines.

Keep Your Pace in Mind

When performing or acting, it can be easy to speak quickly due to nerves and excitement. However, when recording a voice-over, it's important to maintain a steady pace when reciting the lines to keep your audience engaged and informed.

While recording, the actor should remember to take breaths and breaks when necessary to ensure important information gets through to the viewer.

Vary Your Vocal Tone

Keeping your audience’s attention is an essential goal when creating a video. If your voice-over audio is monotone and lacks a varying vocal tone, you’ll likely lose your viewer’s interest quickly in the video.

In order for your video to come off as inviting and engaging, you’ll want to ensure you record your voice-over audio with a range of vocal tones and inflections.

Practice Pronunciation and Enunciation

Based on where you’ll be placing your video online, you’ll want to ensure you’re properly pronouncing every word on the script.

Prior to recording, your voice actor should take some time to thoroughly read through the script and practice pronouncing and enunciating every word. This practice will ensure a successful recording.

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