4 Unique Benefits of Video Marketing

4 Unique Benefits of Video Marketing

The influence of video is astounding. Every day, millions of people consume video content on their televisions, computers, smartphones, and other devices, becoming aware of brands they might have never been exposed to. And as much as 86% of businesses use video marketing strategies, an increase of over 20% in the past five years.

Is video marketing still a “trend” if it shows no signs of slowing down in the future?

Video marketing can provide distinct advantages for businesses of all sizes and industries, including generating more leads. But successful video marketing is about more than producing engaging content that resonates and influences your target audience. You can create an awesome video and still not make any return on investment.

It’s critical to know how to get your video content seen by your preferred customers, who are actively searching for products and services like yours.

So what makes video marketing more special than other digital marketing tactics? Let’s take a look at four unique benefits of video marketing!

1. Video Is the Most Engaging Online Content

Captivating visuals, complementing sound design, and informative narrative; With video content, all the senses of the viewer are stimulated, allowing for a more engaging experience. While sharing a photo on social media or posting a blog article on your website certainly has its advantages, there are limitations as far as customer engagement goes.

People are more likely to pay attention to video than any other form of content. In fact, video is so engaging it can actually be used to keep people's attention on a website longer than any other type of content.

Video marketing strategies are specifically designed to capture and retain the attention of your target audience. Executed successfully, video content convinces potential customers to explore more content associated with your online presence or enlist the services of your company.

2. Video Marketing Boosts SEO Rankings

Another advantageous quality of video marketing is how video content can boost your SEO performance and enhance the organic reach of your online presence.

Video has emerged as one of the best forms of content for elevating SEO potential. Not only does it help you rank higher in search results, but it also helps you achieve a higher Click-Through Rate (CTR) by attaching relevant links in the descriptions of your video content.

You can also implement target keywords and phrases in your video titles and descriptions, which also helps improve your chances of ranking higher in local or relevant search engine results pages.

All of this optimization will do wonders for driving more web traffic and converting leads, as studies have shown that video can increase traffic from anywhere between 200% to 300% while also increasing conversion rates by up to 80%.

3. Video Offers More Options for Brand Awareness

With text and images, you’re so limited in the stories you can tell or the information you wish to share. But video marketing gives you more options for educating and influencing your target audience.

Try these ideas to introduce them to what makes your brand a step above the competition:

●        Explainer videos that break down and highlight complicated aspects of your business operations.

●        Testimonial videos with previously satisfied customers that demonstrate more trust and credibility for your company.

●        Our Story video content that enlightens the viewer to the origins of your establishment and how much their support means to your business.

4. Video Marketing Resonates More With Your Target Audience

Can a blog article move a reader to tears? Can a single image educate someone on how to utilize your product? Video resonates with your target audience in ways other forms of marketing typically can’t.

From building trust and credibility to building emotional connections with viewers, video marketing offers the most engaging opportunities to tell your viewers who you are as a company and why they should specifically do business with your brand.

The more your video content can pull back the curtain and allow the audience to see and comprehend your company’s values and goals, the stronger the bond will grow between you and your clientele.

Custom Video Marketing Solutions From Atomic 8

When it comes down to it, video marketing offers more opportunities to seek out and engage with your target audience while providing content they can take pride in and share across their own digital platforms.

At Atomic 8, we help businesses expand their online presence and organic reach by implementing custom video marketing solutions into their current marketing strategy.

Ready to reap the benefits of professionally-conducted video marketing tactics? Contact Atomic 8 today to get started on creating your new video marketing campaign!

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