9 Advantages of Working With a Video Production Company

9 Advantages of Working With a Video Production Company

Even small businesses today are growing their brands through video content. If you’re considering adding video to your marketing strategy, you’re probably aware of the obvious benefits of hiring a professional production company, like high-quality footage and precise editing.

With Atomic 8’s production team, you can even choose a comprehensive video package that sets your new video up for success!

There are also some less obvious advantages to working with a professional video production company. Let’s take a look!

1. Make Helpful Industry Connections

Growing your business often comes down to who you know. By working with a video production company, you’ll be exposed to a variety of additional people and opportunities, from skilled writers and animation artists to marketing specialists. Making connections like these can help you enhance your brand awareness beyond the world of video production.

Establish a long-term relationship with your production team to keep your doors open for more opportunities in the future!

2. Give Viewers What They Want

Your customers crave more video content from your brand. More people are consuming video content than ever – a trend predicted to increase consistently.

As of 2022, the average person is estimated to spend around 100 minutes per day consuming video content online or across their social media channels. Surveyed consumers also acknowledge that videos are their preferred style of content they like to see from the brands they choose to support.

A whopping 66% of people say they prefer to watch a video to learn about a company’s products or services, as opposed to 18% who would rather read a text-based piece of content.

3. Access Innovative Production Equipment

Between cameras, lighting, set design, and editing software, the amount of equipment you need for a successful video production shoot can start to add up quickly. And no matter whether your company chooses to rent production gear or make a substantial investment in suitable equipment, working with a professional video production company grants you access to all such equipment while saving your business significant amounts of money.

Hiring a competent production team to shoot your branded videos not only frees you of the financial burden of investing in technical gear but also guarantees your shoot will be conducted by trained professionals. (As opposed to hiring your own in-house production staff.)

4. Share a Fresh Perspective

A fresh perspective can help build a concept and video that better resonates with your customers and target audience. It’s no secret that outsiders tend to view your company much differently than you do. After all, almost no one is spending as much time, attention, and energy on your company as you are!

By hiring a production company, you’ll be able to achieve a unique perspective on your brand and message.

5. Discover New Customers

While you may have a good idea about your standard customer, a video production team can often help you discover a whole new audience. Because video production companies have experience researching target audiences and measuring analytics, they may discover a group of people you’ve been overlooking that are interested in your product or services.

The team’s research capabilities and high-end video production skills could bring you more leads by achieving a broader reach.

6. Enhance Productivity

From video and ad placement to shooting, writing, and editing, several steps go into effective video marketing and production. Taking the time to master all these skills is nearly impossible for a single person who’s already busy running their own business.

Leave every aspect of your video production to the pros and anticipate fast and efficient results every time!

7. Enhance Internal Performance

Video marketing goes beyond consumer-facing content; Through employee recruitment videos and training materials, you can utilize professional video production to enhance your company’s internal operations.

For example: Rather than providing your new employees with a hefty, dense handbook, entertain and educate them with a captivating, professionally produced video.

You can also bring in better-suited candidates with a recruitment video that portrays your company’s values and expectations better than a standard job listing ever could.

8. Create Better Marketing Solutions

If you’re familiar with the complexities of video marketing, you know it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. There are many different video types, lengths, and styles for different goals and platforms.

A 10-second video may fit in best as an Instagram Story, but you’ll want longer and more informative content for an explainer video. A professional video production company can help you sift through your options and find the best video type for your brand’s specific needs and goals.

9. Establish Credibility & Trust

Putting your video content production in the wrong hands can profoundly impact how your target audience perceives your company. Amateur-looking videos you share across your digital platforms might only serve as red flags for viewers.

Try to step into your customers’ shoes: If your business is unwilling to invest in quality video content, where else are you taking shortcuts?

A professional video production team can go a long way in establishing more credibility and trust with your prospective clients. A well-shot and easily digestible video enhances your company’s reputation and adds more validity to your brand.

Atomic 8: Video Marketing Strategies for Businesses

Ready to start experiencing the benefits of working with an experienced production company? Atomic 8 understands how to set your video content up for success from the start!

We’ll work with you to understand your goals and create a video strategy that brings you real results. Send us a message today!

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