6 Common Explainer Video Mistakes to Avoid

6 Common Explainer Video Mistakes to Avoid

Video content: It’s all around us! From scrolling through your smartphone to streaming your favorite shows, video marketing continues to impact our lives in more ways than we’re probably willing to admit.

One of the more popular trends when it comes to video marketing productions are explainer videos; visual content that’s intended to educate and introduce the viewer to a specific brand, the products or services they provide, and how this company can benefit their lives.

Explainer videos are proven to help with everything from email marketing campaigns to SEO rankings, as research shows that businesses that produce and publish explainer videos can receive up to 157% more organic traffic from search results.

While the general gist of an explainer video might seem self-explanatory (pun intended), there are still plenty of mistakes many video production companies make when it comes to the production, editing, and distribution of their explainer videos.

To help you nail your next video ad production, here are six common explainer video mistakes you should try to avoid at all costs!

1) Lack of Target Audience

The first rule of video marketing is to know what kind of audience you’re trying to target with your explainer videos. Narrowing down the specific demographics your video content is trying to cater toward will better resonate with your preferred customers.

For example, let’s say you’re trying to market your explainer video toward rural farmers. Right off the bat, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to shoot or set your explainer video in a downtown metropolitan office, busy construction area, or scientific laboratory, right?

Defining your target audience helps you nail the tone, imagery, and message you want your explainer video to deliver to your preferred customers.

2) Cramming Too Much Information

It’s important to understand that time is extremely precious when it comes to video marketing, and many people who come across your video content won’t have the patience to sit through an extended visual demonstration of your products or services.

Keep the content of your explainer video simple, accessible, and digestible, so you’re not bombarding your viewers with an abundance of information they can’t possibly retain. It’s important to keep in mind that 77% of viewers only watch an explainer video for up to 2 minutes, and not a second more than that!

3) Not On-Brand

For many viewers, your explainer video can be their introduction to your company and brand. With that in mind, it doesn’t make any sense to produce an explainer video that is completely different from the voice, tone, or messages of your overall brand and online presence.

If humor isn’t apparent in your website, advertising, or marketing content, then it’s probably not a great idea to produce a comedic explainer video. If your target audience is married couples in their 40s or 50s, then maybe you shouldn’t hire a single millennial to be the spokesperson in your explainer video.

Every aspect of your explainer video production and marketing should always remain as on-brand as possible.

4) Cutting Corners During Production

You know what will make viewers immediately exit your explainer video? Poor image quality, irritating audio mixing, or just about any example of cutting corners when it comes to video production.

Your explainer video is not just a means for breaking down the qualities of your products or services; it’s a reflection of your business and brand! With that said, utilizing professional video marketing services is imperative to keeping your reputation intact.

5) Posting On the Wrong Platforms

What many companies tend to overlook with their explainer videos is how important of an SEO tool these productions truly are! Occasionally posting an explainer video across your Facebook feed might get you some clicks, likes, and engagement, but once it moves past your viewers’ feeds, it’s practically gone forever.

Post your explainer videos to your company website, where it can help improve your site’s SEO rankings and reach. And when you share it across all your social media channels, be sure you’re optimizing the SEO potential of your videos by properly inserting keywords into its descriptions, metadata, and hashtags.

6) Inconclusive Calls to Action

If your explainer video perfectly breaks down your products and services, as well as why they’re beneficial to your target audience, then pat yourself on the back! You’ve essentially won the battle of explainer video production 101.

But if you want to win the war, your explainer video needs a clear, concise call to action that informs and influences the viewer to make a purchasing decision after consuming your video content.

Conclude your explainer videos with details on what the viewer should do next in order to enlist your services or purchase your product. Provide them with any additional information or links they need to connect with your brand, and always provide as much applicable contact information as possible.

Professional Explainer Video Production Services From Atomic 8!

As a business owner, carving out time and resources to produce your own explainer video can not only prove costly, but risk damaging your company’s reputation with faulty, amateur quality. That’s why you can always leave it up to the pros when it comes to successful explainer video production services!

At Atomic 8, we work directly with clients from all industries to deliver exceptional video marketing content that’s engineered for lead-generating results. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our video marketing experts!

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