7 Stages for a Successful Video Production

7 Stages for a Successful Video Production

Developing a successful marketing strategy and producing a high-quality video requires several steps. If you want your video to bring your company results, you need to ensure every stage of video production is carried out with precision.

When it comes to making a successful video, it's best not to cut corners! Here are seven stages you should go through to maximize the success of your video production. 

1.    Pre-Production

The pre-production stage is where most of your production preparation takes place. During pre-production, you will form your creative team, and your team will then develop the video concept and start gathering the information that will help them write the script. During this stage, you’ll want to ask many questions and do your research so that you have all the information you need to make a high-quality video.

2.    Creative Development

After pre-production, you and your team will come together to create a creative brief or a summary of your video. During this stage, you'll solidify your video's content, establish your video's main message and goal, identify your target audience, and establish a budget and timeline for the production.

All ideas should come to the table while creating the creative brief. However, it's critical to stick to strategic decisions that keep your project aligned with your creative brief.

3.    Script and Storyboard

After solidifying your creative brief, you and your team must create a storyboard and script for your video. Storyboards help you get a good idea of the sequence of shots in your video. You might draw a quick sketch for each scene and include a brief description to help maintain a cohesive production while filming.

The script will establish the dialogue in your video. You’ll want to closely look over your video’s script to ensure that all the necessary information is included.

4.    Production Planning & Scheduling

The planning stage allows you and your team to get all of your items in order before you begin filming. From scouting filming locations to casting and gathering permissions, the planning stage will set your production up for success. You’ll also want to use this time to schedule various shots and plan out what team members you will need on which specific days.

5.    Filming & Production

Finally, the day has arrived! You’ll film all of the shots you need for your video during the production stage. Your team will set up lighting, capture sound, and conduct interviews. If your video requires voice-over audio, you’ll also complete that during this stage. Keeping the team focused and organized will help you get through the production stage quickly and efficiently.

6.    Post-Production

During post-production, you’ll likely turn all the raw footage you gathered during the production phase over to the creative team for editing and sound mixing. The editor will piece together scenes and edit the footage to create a cohesive, high-quality production that you feel confident releasing to your target audience. As the business owner, you will need to view and digest the draft your creative team gives you and offer any further suggestions before giving the video your approval.

7.    Publishing & Marketing

When your video is complete, it's time to post it online and market it to your audience. From your website and social media to emails and case studies, there are many places your video could potentially go. You'll need to work with a marketing team to identify the best platforms for your video to generate results and gain views.

After your team has determined the best platform, they'll need to optimize it to rank on search engines and get in front of your target audience. Over time, you'll need to regularly inspect reports and metrics to understand potential adjustments and growth opportunities. By working with marketing specialists, you'll be able to fully optimize your new video so that it helps your company reach its goals.

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