Tips to Help You Better Connect With Your Audience

Tips to Help You Better Connect With Your Audience

Effectively connecting with your audience is a critical step in creating a marketing strategy that brings you results. While your company may already be taking advantage of other forms of marketing, such as a user-friendly website, blogs, and social media, you should also be using video to engage your audience.

There are several ways that video can help you connect with your audience and generate better engagement, leads, and overall recognition. Users these days crave authenticity from their brands, and video is the way to show your audience that you care about them and you’re committed to supplying them with only the highest quality solutions. Here are just a few ways you can utilize video to help you achieve a better relationship with your customers.

Personable Solutions Videos

When selling a product or service, complications are inevitable. Rather than providing your customers with a dense text-based solution article, supply them with a personable customer support video. Not only will customers have an easier time retaining the video’s information, but they’ll also appreciate a more playful and personalized approach to solving their issues.

Your customer support videos should include a team member walking the viewer through common solutions they may need. Include additional actions the viewer can take, such as customer service number or email, just in case the video content doesn’t entirely solve their problem.

Ask Your Audience What They Want to See

Social media serves as an effective place to post videos and other engaging content, but it should also serve as a platform where users feel they can share their opinions and be heard. Sometimes, one of the best ways to ensure you’re providing your audience with the content they’re interested in is to ask them! Social media can help you do this.

Create a poll or invite users to leave a comment regarding the type of content they want to see more of. Are they in need of more explainer videos regarding your company’s services? Perhaps they want to know about your company’s story to get a better understanding of your brand’s values and commitments. By asking your audience what they’d like to see from your company, you’ll establish a better connection and sense of appreciation for your customers and their opinions.

Schedule Live Q&A Video Events

Because modern-day users crave authenticity, scheduling a live Q&A video session can ensure your viewers feel heard and appreciated. Not only can users submit their questions to your company, but since live videos aren’t edited or manipulated, they can help your viewers see your brand in a personal, relatable way. When choosing your live video’s subject or spokesperson, opt for a leader within your company or industry who viewers can count on to supply them with the answers they need.

Turn to Atomic 8 for Your Video Marketing Needs

When you’re ready to connect with your audience using high-quality video solutions, Atomic 8 is ready for your call. We provide business owners in the Twin Cities with a team of creative and marketing professionals that will ensure your new video brings you the results you’re looking for.

To get started with a comprehensive video marketing package, contact the Atomic 8 team today at 612-486-5580.

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