A Look Back at 2021: What’s Here to Stay?

A Look Back at 2021: What’s Here to Stay?

Year after year, video continues to become the leader among online content, and 2021 is no exception. As users turned to video, countless trends rose to the surface, even more, this past year. However, if you’re a business owner, it may be difficult to know which of these trends are worth getting involved with and which are only here for the moment.

As you transition into the new year and start to form your video marketing strategy, it’s critical to take a moment to understand which video trends deserve a place in your company’s plan. Let’s take a look at the 2021 video trends that are here to stay!

Social Media Videos

From TikTok clips to Instagram reels, short social media videos took over the internet in 2021. Countless brands are hopping on this video trend — and for good reason! According to research, 85% of social media users prefer to see video content from the brands they follow. This statistic isn’t something to ignore, as it’s likely that this percentage will continue to stay strong in 2022.

There have been two specific video trends among social media that require attention: ephemeral and vertical videos. Ephemeral videos can only be viewed for a short period of time. Usually, ephemeral videos last for 24 hours before disappearing (think Instagram and Facebook stories). You can use these temporary videos for several marketing purposes, including sharing announcements, engaging your audience, and sharing user-generated content.

Vertical videos are just as they sound. Formatted to complement the mobile experience, vertical videos fit into the users’ mobile screens for the optimal viewing experience. In fact, vertical videos are 90% more likely to be watched in completion. This is a staggering statistic compared to horizontal videos, which only have a completion rate of 30 percent. When adding social media videos to your marketing strategy, make sure you format the content for the mobile experience.

Animated Videos

Effectively conveying complex information to your audience is difficult, but animation can help you make that connection. Animated videos made a splash in 2021, and they’re likely here to stay. They’re not only entertaining for the audience, but they also serve as a useful communication tool for brands.

Animation utilizes eye-catching visuals to thoroughly explain a concept, service, or product. Animation allows you to showcase large number quantities, complex processes, and thorough instructions with greater ease and effectiveness. Because the visuals are easy to understand, your audience is better able to sustain your video’s information.

Searchable Video

You may be mostly focused on written content when you think about optimizing your online content for SEO and enhanced search results. While optimizing your written content remains important, 2021 proved that brands must now start optimizing their video content as well. Search engines, such as Google, are now providing users with video results after typing in various keywords, making SEO-optimized videos essential.

Knowing exactly how to optimize your video content for search engines isn’t always clear to the non-expert. However, there are a few practices you can get involved with to get started with your efforts. Including keywords in descriptions and titles, adding relevant tags, including closed captions, and creating high-quality thumbnail images are a few ways you can get your video to rank on search engines. Working with a professional video marketing company will also get you ahead of your competition and help you get your video content in front of your target audience.

Atomic 8 is Your Trusted Video Production Team

Sifting through video trends and knowing which are worth hopping on isn’t easy! And producing high-quality video content that your audience will remember is even more difficult. Atomic 8 is here to take the burden of video marketing off your shoulders and help you get the results you’ve always wanted! We bring a team of creatives and marketing experts to produce videos that help you reach your professional goals.

Get started with a consultation today and contact Atomic 8 at 612-486-5580.

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