4 Small Business Videos Every Company Needs

4 Small Business Videos Every Company Needs

One hundred minutes per day. That’s the average amount of time a person spends watching online video content. PER DAY!

Whether scrolling through an endless supply of Instagram videos or devouring some YouTube content on a lunch break, more and more people are consuming countless hours of videos online every day. And with this rise in video consumption comes the need for video marketing services, helping businesses of all sizes reach their target audiences through effective video production to spread brand awareness.

Over the past few years, more small businesses have incorporated video marketing into their digital marketing strategies. Research shows that 86% of businesses are utilizing video marketing services, an increase of over 20% in the last five years!

But there’s more to video marketing than simply slapping together some footage, putting your logo on it, and calling it a day. Understanding successful video production methods that properly introduce your company to your target audience and reinforce your branding will only work toward helping your business grow locally and organically.

So what kind of videos should your small business produce? Check out these four small business videos every company can stand to benefit from!

1. Social Media Video Ads

So many small businesses fail to properly utilize social media to better connect with prospective clients and long-lasting customers alike. Social media video ads are perfect video marketing campaigns for small businesses to embark upon. Studies even show that around 85% of social media users want their favorite brands to produce more videos!

The sheer popularity of social media gives small businesses ample opportunities to reach wider audiences than ever before. There are also a wide variety of advertising options in every social media platform that gives users the ability to target and remarket your video ads to reach specific demographics that make up the core of your ideal customers.

Instagram story ads, tutorial YouTube videos, and behind-the-scenes Facebook videos are perfect examples of providing your followers with unique, brand-enforcing content. This type of authentic content will help your small business build up a loyal following and continuously attract new customers online.

2. Lead Generation Videos

Essentially every component of digital marketing revolves around generating more leads for your website and business. So it only makes sense to cater your video marketing productions to specific tactics engineered for successful lead generation!

Lead generation videos are any online videos that are intended to engage with and drive your viewers to take action (making a purchase, contacting your office, scheduling a consultation, etc.).

Popular types of lead generation videos typically include:

●        Product or service videos

●        Promotional videos

●        Branding videos

●        Explainer or animated explainer videos

●        FAQ videos

Utilizing video content to educate and persuade your target audience is the core of every lead generation video.

3. Our Story Videos

Video content isn’t just an opportunity to reel in more customers; It’s a chance for your target audience to understand what separates your business from the competition and allow them to relate to your brand on a personal level.

Establishing rapport and connection with your viewers is the primary function of “Our Story” videos, which pull back the curtain to give customers an inside look at your company’s core values, goals, and messages.

When it comes to doing business, your customers have so many options to choose from, regardless of what industry your company operates within. Producing an “Our Story” video does wonders for establishing more trust, credibility, and authenticity with your brand.

4. Testimonial Videos

At the end of the day, your target audience can only take your word for how incredible your services or products are for so long. That’s where producing testimonial videos can boost your credibility, allowing viewers to see real faces that officially endorse your business and vouch for your customer service.

Research shows that 2 out of 3 people are more likely to make a purchase or enlist the services of a company after watching a testimonial video. And when you’re a small business that’s struggling to gain more attention and integrity within your local community, having your own testimonial video serves as evidence.

Testimonial videos demonstrate that your company is not only legitimate, but has serviced people who are willing to go on the record about how satisfied they were with their experience.

Custom Video Production Services Courtesy of Atomic 8!

Every small business stands to gain something when it comes to investing in professional video production services. At Atomic 8, we work directly with businesses of all industries to produce videos that will help generate more leads while reinforcing your brand with your target audience.

Ready for some lights, camera, action? Contact Atomic 8 today to get started on your custom video production shoot!

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