Facebook & Instagram Live Video Ideas for Businesses

Facebook & Instagram Live Video Ideas for Businesses

What springs to mind when you think of Facebook or Instagram Live videos? Gender reveal parties? Your friend who’s front row at the concert you couldn’t attend? Some celebrity making a shameless plug you can’t afford to ignore?

Regardless of whatever live videos pop up in your feed, it’s important to keep in mind the marketing potential that Facebook and Instagram live videos can have for businesses. Any company that’s making strides in building up their social media presence and following can take advantage of connecting with their clientele with occasional live videos intended to promote engagement and increase brand awareness.

Which then begs the question: What should your business go live about? Employee birthday parties? Sushi delivery lunches? A live countdown to 5:00 pm on a Friday?

Regardless of what industry you operate within, there are plenty of unique and engaging live video ideas you can implement into your video marketing strategies.

Let’s take a look at a few successful Facebook and Instagram live video concepts that any business can execute.

Live Product or Service Demonstrations

Perhaps there’s no easier social media live video idea than showing your followers whatever it is that your business does best! Live product or service demonstrations are always a great concept for going live, especially if you’ve noticed a recent uptick in the amount of followers your social media channels have.

Have a new product you’re eager to show off? Stream all its uses live on Facebook! Introducing a new service into your repertoire? Show off your skills on Instagram!

Sharing these live product or service demonstrations will create more intrigue with your clientele and keep them posted on what’s new and exciting with your business.

Q&A Sessions

An easy way to start engaging with your social media followers is to host live Q&A sessions on your Facebook or Instagram profile. This allows your customers to get any questions they may have off their chest, while you can gain more insight into customer needs, potential improvements, or what aspects of your business are customers most satisfied with.

Make a Q&A announcement post at least 24 hours in advance so you can let your followers know when it’s going down, and try to host a live Q&A session every couple of months, so you can stay on top of all your customers’ needs and interests.

Day-in-the-Life Videos

Nothing humanizes your brand quite like letting your social media followers get an inside glimpse into a day-in-the-life of your business.

Giving customers the chance to peek behind the curtains and see all the hard work you and your team puts into your business not only enlightens them to all the effort it takes to keep your company afloat, but also does wonders for establishing trust and credibility.

The more customers can see what takes place behind the scenes, the more they’ll relate to and connect with your brand.

Important Announcements

New product releases, upcoming events, major acquisitions; What better way to spread some good news than hosting your own impromptu press conference, live across your social media channels?!

Facebook and Instagram live videos are perfect for sharing important announcements and information regarding your business and brand. Plus, your viewers will feel a sense of exclusivity knowing they’re the first ones to know about any big changes on the horizon.

Interviews & Testimonials

Know an industry expert? How about an extremely satisfied customer? Then why not stage a live interview?

Fielding questions from enlightening industry or community figures makes for compelling, informative live content that’s relevant to your followers’ interests. In addition to interviewing experts, sharing live testimonials with clients who are relevant and relatable to your target audience are ideal for enhancing your reputation amongst your social media followers.

Custom Social Media Video Marketing Services

You don’t have to be a social media wiz to cater to your followers and share relevant, engaging content. In fact, that’s where we come in!

At Atomic 8, we offer custom social media video marketing services for businesses from all industries, helping them enhance their online presence and generate more awareness and leads within their communities. When you need expert video marketing solutions, contact Atomic 8 today to schedule a consultation with our team of video marketing experts!

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