How to Use Video Business Cards to Connect With Leads

How to Use Video Business Cards to Connect With Leads

There’s a certain nostalgia associated with business cards that makes it hard to completely part ways with this dated, print-based networking tool. What started out as an occupational necessity slowly evolved into more of an aesthetic novelty, specifically within the rise of the internet and the networking reach of various digital platforms such as social media.

But there’s a new marketing and networking tactic that’s combining the traditional interchange of business cards with the influential sway of marketing video services: video business cards.

A video business card might have sounded like something out of a science fiction in the 1980s, but it’s becoming more of a standard practice in today’s corporate world. It’s easier to think of video business cards as a hybrid between traditional business cards and digital pamphlets, essentially offering a portable visual and audio presentation of your company that can perfectly fit into anyone’s pockets.

Why add the visual element to a traditional business card? Research shows that people retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video context, as opposed to only 10% when reading it via text. In addition to the improved conveyance of your brand, there are also plenty of digital marketing advantages video business cards can provide that will help your business enhance your networking capabilities with prospects.

Here are a few ways you can be using video business cards to better connect with leads and spread your company’s message to the masses!

Portable Presentation

Anyone who’s ever handed a business card to someone seems to inheritably inhabit the stale salesman schtick, but how do you truly know your words resonate with a potential client or customer?

With video business cards, the recipient gets to physically obtain your brand, message, and mission, and are way less likely to discard a portable visual and audio presentation of your company as opposed to just an ordinary business card.

Video business cards can inform a prospect on everything they need to know about your company within one minute of receiving one, and you can utilize these innovative mediums in a variety of ways, including:

●        Highlighting specific updates, milestones, or events, such as recent achievements, new or upcoming products and services, etc.

●        Implement commercial video production elements such as product videos, explainer videos, case study videos, animated explainer videos, and more

●        Breakdown and explain the process of your company or outline any complex aspects of your business in a more accessible, visually appealing manner

●        Insinuate calls-to-actions that encourage the recipient the enlist your company’s products or services

Try getting all that from your everyday business card!

Accessible Networking

The initial incentive of providing business cards was to share contact information with customers or prospects. That motive isn’t lost with video business cards, and, in fact, it’s enhanced! Video business cards make it easier and more convenient for your business to network and connect with leads.

From incorporating scannable QR codes that link the recipient to your website or social media pages, to promoting shareable video content that they can post and share across their own social media platforms, video business cards simply make connecting with leads more accessible.

Dazzling Visuals

There’s no denying the captivating capabilities that well-designed visuals can have upon any given prospect. Don’t take our word for it; 86% of consumers want to see more video content produced by their favorite brands!

When you can enlist a professional video marketing company to create and edit a truly unique and enticing commercial video that blends sleek design with comprehensible information, your leads will be hard pressed to ignore or discount your company’s credibility.

Plus, with video business cards, you don’t need to take out your phone or laptop, connect to the internet, and show off some YouTube links to your leads; you can show them everything you want them to know, all within the palm of their hand! 

Showcase Testimonials

It’s one thing for a prospect to see firsthand how your business can help them out, but when you can also offer visual words of encouragement and support from previous clients, that credibility can go a long way in terms of lead conversion.

Video business cards are perfect for incorporating compelling testimonial videos that prove your company can get the job done to your prospective clients. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video from a satisfied client is worth a million words of credibility and trust that can make the difference between a lead and a sale.

Connect With Your Leads With Professional Video Production Services

In today’s technological world, video content is practically a necessity to capture the attention of your target audience, and reach more eyes than you ever would have initially imagined. At Atomic 8, we work directly with our clients to create commercial video production solutions that are specifically designed to generate more leads for your company.

If you’re curious about how professional video production services can help your business reach its digital marketing potential, contact us today to schedule a consultation with our video marketing experts!

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