What to Expect from Your Video Production Timeline

What to Expect from Your Video Production Timeline

When you’ve decided that you’re ready to reap the benefits of an effective video marketing strategy, you’ll need to contact a professional production company to get started on the project. After hiring your team, the video production process will begin!

From shooting scenes to editing, there are a lot of steps that go into the production timeline. By having a good sense of what you can anticipate from the timeline, you’ll be able to properly prepare for any unexpected challenges or changes. Here are common steps you can expect with the timeline of your next video production.

Developing a Concept

Prior to filming, the production team will work with you to understand your video’s main features and objectives. Your team will help you determine your video’s target audience, genre, and marketing goals. They’ll also help you decide the best platforms for maximizing your video’s success.

After understanding these technical aspects, your production team will utilize their creative skill sets to generate the video’s overall concept. From writing a script to developing a plotline, the production team will employ its writers, video specialists, and other creatives to create an approach that will fit with your video’s goals.

Pre-Production Tasks

In addition to writing the script and developing a plotline, there are a couple of other tasks that go into the pre-production phase. Hiring talent, scouting locations, booking venues, and setting a production date are all essential steps during the pre-production phase. Successful bookings and castings can sometimes take longer than anticipated, so be prepared to be patient with this step in the production process.

Filming and Production

Finally, it’s time to break out the camera and start filming some scenes! Production can last anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days. In addition to shooting scenes, production day may also consist of recording voice-overs, shooting background footage, and capturing drone footage. There are a lot of pieces to coordinate during the production phase, including accessing props and working around the talent's availability.

Editing and Marketing

Once your production team has successfully captured all of the necessary footage, they’ll need to put it all together! Sound, imagery, exposure, and coloring will all be tweaked during the editing process. After the team is done editing, they’ll likely present the final draft to you and look for your approval. Once you, the client, approves of the product, the marketing team will upload the video to the platforms that align with your goals and target audience’s demographics.

Analytic Measuring and Reporting

After your video has been live for several weeks, your video production team will routinely measure and present your video’s analytics. They’ll discuss your video’s results and work with you to determine whether there are any opportunities for engagement growth and improvement.

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