Production Day: Who Will be There & What to Expect

Production Day: Who Will be There & What to Expect

There are a lot of steps that go into making your company’s marketing videos, but perhaps the most involved part of the process is production day. Production day is when your hired production team captures the footage and content that will eventually make up your new video. As the client, production day can seem like an overwhelming schedule of events. However, by taking the time to understand what production day typically entails, you’ll be able to prepare for the events and set the project up for success.

Understand Where You’ll be Needed

While the client is an essential part of the entire project, knowing when and where you’re needed on production day can help events run smoothly and efficiently. Work with the production team to know when you should be present and when it’s best to be absent.

There are likely some scenarios where your presence is needed. For example, the team may need you for a particular scene or require your feedback while shooting. Your satisfaction is the production team’s top priority, so gathering your insight and thoughts on the overall vision will ensure all of your expectations are being met.

Alternatively, simple shots may not require your attendance. The production team may also need to travel to another location, and asking you to take time out of your day to join them may not always be necessary. There are certain circumstances where, as the client, you can sit back and leave the work to the professionals. Of course, if you’re ever uncomfortable with not being present for a shoot, you can always speak with your trusted production team and work out a new approach.

Participate in Material & Team Management

Depending on the type of video you’re creating, you’ll likely be responsible for ensuring that all the necessary pieces are present and accounted for. For example, if you’re creating a product video to showcase a new addition to your inventory, you’ll need to make sure that the featured product is present and in proper working condition.

Alternatively, you may be responsible for ensuring any featured staff is present for the shoot. For example, if your store manager is scheduled to film their contribution about your company’s story or case study, make sure that they are present and ready to film.

Know Who Will be Present

When you hire a professional video marketing team, you can expect a few crew members to arrive on set on production day.

●        Creative Director & Videographer | The videographer will control the camera and decide how each scene is best captured. As the leader behind the visuals, sound, and presentation, the creative director/videographer is an essential team member on production day. They may even provide guidance for positioning and line delivery to ensure the scenes are executed properly.

●        Marketing Director & Account Manager | A marketing director may also arrive on set to capture all of the technical aspects that will set the video up for analytical success. Ultimately, the marketing director and account manager will ensure all the correct information makes it into the final production.

●        Photographer | If you and your team decided additional still photos are necessary for your production, you can expect a photographer to also show up to set. They’ll also get all of the visuals necessary for any other digital content such as social media posts, website pieces, and other marketing necessities.

Contact Atomic 8 for Professional Video Marketing Solutions

Preparing for production day and understanding what you can expect from the day’s events will enhance your video’s success and ensure all aspects of the process run smoothly. When you’re ready to start experiencing the benefits of video marketing, reach out to the creative team at Atomic 8. Atomic 8 provides professional video marketing services for business owners in all types of industries. We’ll even supply you with a comprehensive marketing strategy, so you can feel confident knowing your new video is being seen by your brand’s target audience!

Get started on your next video project and contact Atomic 8 today at 612-486-5580.

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