Best Places to Display Your New Video

Best Places to Display Your New Video

When it comes to video marketing, a business owner’s main concern is often focused on creating a high-quality video that conveys a message in an engaging and thoughtful way. While producing a quality video is essential, there’s another important step that comes after the video has been edited and completed. If you want to attract viewers, encourage engagement, and increase your brand awareness, you’ll need to know where to post your video.

How do you determine where to post your video? First, you should reference the video marketing strategy that you and your hired production team developed. Your strategy package should identify the goals you have for your video. Are you looking to reach a specific audience?

Do you want to tell the public about a new product? Your video’s goals will play a part in determining where it should be posted.

Where to Use Video Content

Depending on your goals, there are some platforms that are better to consider than others. Here are some of the best platforms to post your video to help you generate the results you’re looking for.

On Your Website

Your website serves as an excellent headquarters for your video, regardless of what your goal is. Adding video content to your website can help you boost your SEO efforts and enhance your audience’s understanding of your brand, products, or services.

Your website’s visitors will be drawn to your video content and better able to absorb information versus navigating through text-heavy pages.


Video content thrives on popular social media platforms such as Instagram. There are several ways you can add video to your Instagram account including stories, reels, and ads.

Stories are typically short, concise videos that announce a sale, product, or service to your followers.

Reels can be used to educate and entertain your audience and ads can help you reach a wider audience.

Understanding how each video type differs on Instagram will help you post relevant, engaging content for users to consume.


If you have a specific demographic you want to target with your video, Facebook is an excellent platform to utilize. Facebook video ads can help you increase brand awareness, engage your audience, and generate more leads.

Additionally, Facebook videos are easily shareable, making it easier to get your video seen by more viewers.


On YouTube, you have the option to post standard videos or advertisements. While advertisements can be used to get a quick message seen by a larger audience, a standard video should be used to engage, entertain, and educate your viewers.

Depending on your goal, you can utilize either YouTube videos or ads to generate the results you want.

Email Marketing

If you’re utilizing marketing emails to stay in touch with current and potential customers, adding video will help you add more value to your email’s content. By adding in an entertaining video to your email, your viewers may feel encouraged to listen and consider your message for longer.

If your goal is to generate more sales and earn more customers, post your video in your marketing email.

Contact Atomic 8 for Professional Video Production Services

Need help with getting your video on the right platforms? At Atomic 8, we provide all of our clients with a customized strategy package that sets their video up for success. After we produce your video, we’ll help you post it to the best platforms that will bring you the results you’re looking for.

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