What Is B-Roll Footage and Why Is It So Important to Capture?

What Is B-Roll Footage and Why Is It So Important to Capture?

If you’re planning on adding video to your marketing strategy, you may already feel confident in the production process.

For example, if you’re making a product video, you probably already know that you must write a thoughtful and engaging script, create an effective storyboard, and capture high-quality shots.

However, as you prepare to film your video, did you remember to plan for b-roll footage?

B-roll footage is an essential component to creating a story-driven, captivating video. Without this critical “background” footage, you may be left with a video that loses your audience’s attention and doesn’t bring you results.

Before you add b-roll footage to your video, it might be helpful to know exactly what it is and why it’s so important.

What Is B-Roll Footage?

B-roll is considered any additional footage that was captured while shooting. This could be snapshots of the landscape, scenes of inanimate objects, product demonstration shots, or perhaps a close-up angle of a subject’s face and emotions.

Oftentimes, b-roll footage is used to fill in the space in between main scenes and usually has a voice over or music placed over the audio.

Why Should a Video Incorporate B-Roll Footage?

Including b-roll footage in your video is essential for adding depth and substance to your content.

B-roll footage can also help you hide any errors or continuity mistakes you catch during the editing process.

What Type of Video Needs B-Roll Footage?

Every video type can benefit from added b-roll footage!

For example, during a company story video, having a single shot of your interviewed subject throughout the entire clip will eventually lose your audience’s interest.

While your subject’s dialogue is essential for conveying the video’s message, adding in b-roll footage of employees interacting or behind-the-scenes shots of the office won’t only break up the visuals in your video, but it will also add some personality.

What Kind of Businesses Should Use B-Roll Footage?

All of them! Adding b-roll footage into your video is an essential piece to telling your video’s story.

Another example may include placing actual shots of a product during a product demonstration video. While you may start out with your subject describing your company’s new product, you’ll eventually want to switch over to b-roll footage of the actual product.

B-roll footage will provide visual examples of the features and mechanics of your product while the voiceover continues to explain.

How Much B-Roll Footage Should You Capture for a Video?

How much b-roll footage you’ll need in your video will largely depend on the main goal of your video and what you’re trying to achieve.

Working with a professional video production company can help ensure your video includes the appropriate amount of b-roll footage. Experienced video marketing specialists can capture quality b-roll footage and strategically place it in your video so that it helps thoroughly convey your message while keeping your audience’s attention.

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