How to Optimize Your Video Advertising to Generate More Leads

How to Optimize Your Video Advertising to Generate More Leads

Nowadays, you can’t just tell your target audience why your company is so imperative to their everyday lives – you need to show them.

That’s where the services of a video marketing company come in handy, providing you with plenty of video production options that will create an appealing and accessible visual representation of what makes your business stand out.

We’re not just talking about your average television commercial here. Product tutorials, animated explainer videos, testimonial video productions – there are so many styles and variations of video advertising content that can enlighten your audience, engage with your audience, and ultimately, be shared by your audience.

The latter result is what will help generate more leads for your company – something every business can use a little more of, right?

But it takes a little more preparation than completing a promotional video production project and crossing your fingers that it will go viral. That’s where appropriately optimizing your video ads lends a helping hand, allowing businesses to better cater their video advertising campaigns to relevant and interested prospects, ultimately raising the bar for better lead generation results.

From targeting your preferred demographics to understanding how captions and descriptions increase searchability, here are a few essential tips on how to optimize your video advertising to boost your lead generation.

Define Your Target Audience

When it comes to improving lead generation, the trick is not to cast a huge net into open waters and hope to catch a ton of fish – it’s knowing exactly where those fish are, then casting that net.

That’s where it’s essential to narrow down your target audience, and on essentially all social media channels such as Facebook and YouTube, you can choose specific demographics to target your video advertisements, such as:

●        Age

●        Gender

●        Interests

●        Household income

●        Marital status

●        Topics

●        Consumer intent

●        Life events

The more precise a relevant audience you can set your sights on, the more quality leads you’ll be able to generate.

Different Platforms, Different Optimization Settings

An often forgotten aspect of optimizing video advertisements is neglecting to appropriately optimize the content for the platform you’re planning on sharing it across.

YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram – all of these social media platforms have different guidelines, preferences, and settings to consider, and failing to take them into account means your video advertisement won’t reach its full marketing potential. Generally speaking, this means knowing what types or styles of content work best for each platform.

For example, YouTube is where you’d want to post longer forms of video advertisement, like “how to” guides, product videos, or tutorials.

Shorter advertisements, such as explainer videos or promotional videos, work best for people scrolling through their Facebook or Instagram feeds.

Finally, more professionally shot, corporate video productions, such as employee recruitment videos or training videos, will work best through LinkedIn.

Target Keywords Will Target Your Audience

Titles, descriptions, captions; all of these text-based components of video advertising serve a valuable function when it comes to lead generation.

That’s because, with the right insertion of target keywords, more relevant and applicable prospects will be able to come across your videos while actively searching for products or services that pertain to the ones your business provides.

Doing appropriate keyword research will enlighten you as to what words or phrases are being actively searched by your target audience.

From there, you should adhere to all of the following keyword-related optimization tips:

●        Naturally insert target keywords into the title and description of your video advertisement.

●        Consider adding captions or transcripts to your video.

●        Tag your video ads with target keywords relevant to your products, services, or industry.

●        Categorize your video ads under the settings of whatever platform you’re sharing them across.

●        Add tiles or cards at the end screens of your YouTube uploads that provide Call-to-Actions or engagement opportunities for viewers.

●        Upload custom images as the thumbnail for your video advertisement.

Track and Adjust Metrics Accordingly

The beauty of video advertising is how many essential metrics and analytics you can access that will allow you to see up close and personal how your content is performing.

Tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) and adjusting metrics accordingly is how you can better cater to your target audience and ultimately increase your lead generation numbers. It will also enlighten you as to which platforms are most resonating with your audience, as well as which social media channels seem to be void of relevant prospects.

All of the following metrics should be monitored after publishing your video advertisement:

●        View Rates: The total number of views, as well as how long viewers are watching your video.

●        Conversion Rates: The percentage of viewers who take action after watching your video.

●        Click-Through Rates: The number of clicks your video ad receives, divided by the number of times your ad is viewed.

●        Engagement Rates: How many times your video ads are being liked, shared, or subscribed by prospective viewers.

The more aware you are of these insightful metrics, the better you can adjust your video advertising campaigns to maximize your lead generation potential.

Video Advertising Done Right By Atomic 8

The secret to successful video advertising is creating a well-rounded task force that covers all the bases of a picture-perfect video marketing campaign. At Atomic 8, we cover all those bases, providing production, editing, and marketing support for businesses of all sizes and industries.

If you’re looking to increase more leads through the power of video advertising, contact us today to schedule a consultation with our video marketing experts!

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