What Marketing Video Is Best for Your Branding Needs?

What Marketing Video Is Best for Your Branding Needs?

Close your eyes and think back to all the commercials you remember over the years. Which ones stand out to you the most? Maybe you’re a fan of talking geckos or dancing babies. Do specific taglines or catchphrases stay etched in your mind, or is it a memorable mascot?

Or perhaps you’re more fond of the elaborate, big-budget commercials emphasizing gigantic set pieces and CGI that rivals a James Cameron movie. While we all have our specific tastes when it comes to video advertisement campaigns, it’s important to remember that every type of advertisement has its own goals and objectives when it comes to branding.

And in the world of video marketing, not all marketing videos are equal when it comes to your company’s specific branding needs. Whether you’re trying to showcase your latest products or services or looking to strengthen your social media presence, every type of marketing video has its own strengths and specialties for expanding your brand.

Which of these four video marketing strategies best aligns with your company’s goals?

1.      Lead Generation

2.      Brand Awareness

3.      Trust & Credibility

4.      Social Media Presence 

Our team of marketing video production experts weighs in on all of the above to help you determine which types of marketing videos are best suited for your branding goals!

1. Lead Generation

Have you ever come across a video advertisement that simply sucks you in from the get-go and leaves you with no choice but to inquire more about that company’s products or services? Such a marketing formula sounds pretty intriguing for any business, right?

Lead generation videos are marketing videos that are specifically created to help businesses capture the attention of potential customers, drive conversions, and generate more leads. These videos are structured so that they can effectively engage viewers while compelling them to take action with your brand.

Lead generation videos start by introducing the business or product in a way that is informative but also creatively captivating. Then, the video transitions into providing key details about what makes the company or product stand out and why viewers should invest their time and money in it.

Lead generation videos will often provide an incentive for viewers to act on the information presented. This could be in the form of exclusive discounts, rewards programs, or other offers that motivate them to reach out to you as a customer.

Lead generation videos are ideal for businesses trying to cultivate new consumers, enabling your company to expand its audience and establish more credibility in the market.

2. Brand Awareness

For small businesses or newer companies, sometimes you need to create a video marketing strategy that’s all about introducing your brand to your target audience.

Branding videos are an incredible way to bring your brand’s core values and services to the screens of your preferred customers. Viewers can better understand what your company stands for and gain insight into the unique aspects of your business that set it apart from the competition.

If you want to create an emotional connection as opposed to merely highlighting your company’s products or services, a branding video can go a long way. You can customize it with a variety of visual elements, such as animation, motion graphics, images, and video clips. With these visuals, you can better communicate the mission statement of your company in a compelling and memorable way.

A great example of a branding video would be a look back at your company’s founding story, which can enlighten viewers about the origins of your business. Through interviews or voiceover dialogue, you can create a human connection between viewers and your brand, which will help foster trust amongst potential customers.

As you can see, brand awareness videos are a superb way to build a deeper personal connection with your target audience by showcasing your company’s history, core values, and experience!

3. Trust & Credibility

With so many competitors out there, it can be difficult for any business in any industry to build more trust with its target audience, especially if they’re already unfamiliar with your brand. Case study videos and testimonial videos are two types of video marketing specifically used to help a business establish trust and credibility.

A case study is an educational video that demonstrates how your product or service can benefit potential customers. This type of video typically has a narrator explaining the details of the product or service, along with customer interviews and visuals such as graphs, charts, and other data to demonstrate proof points.

Testimonial videos, on the other hand, feature customers talking about their own experience using your product or service and how it helped them overcome specific challenges they were facing.

Both types of video marketing can help prove that your company is not only credible but also trustworthy enough to provide solutions for viewers. And they work even better when combined!

For example, a fitness company may produce a case study video that covers the science behind their weight-loss program. Then they’d also produce a testimonial video featuring customers who have successfully used their program and are now in better shape because of it. This would help viewers build trust in the brand and its products or services.

Another example is a technology company producing a case study video on how they designed and customized software solutions for one of their clients. The video could include visuals such as graphs, charts, and diagrams to illustrate points while explaining the details. To further solidify trust in the product or service, they would then create a testimonial video with customers talking about their experiences using the product or service and how it improved their operations.

By including striking and original visuals, compelling customer stories, and providing data-backed proof points, you’ll be well on your way to portraying your brand in a more authoritative light, while fostering stronger relationships with your viewers.

4. Social Media Presence

Nowadays, it doesn’t matter what industry your business operates within; You need a consistent social media presence to better connect to and engage with your online target audience.

What’s more, you’re missing out on serious benefits if you insist that you don’t need social media. The ability to create tailored ads for each platform means a business can reach different demographics through carefully crafted campaigns specifically designed to capture their attention, even in the crowded world of social media.

The truth is that social media video ads are an essential tool for businesses looking to expand their online presence. Through the creative and effective use of these short, snappy commercials, companies can successfully engage with viewers and draw them in.

With social media video ads, you can get your marketing video content in front of audiences who check all the boxes on your preferred customer demographics while providing content that specifically reflects their interests, hobbies, and search habits. Just don’t forget: The secret to any successful social media video ad campaign is remembering to cater your content not only toward your niche but also to each social media platform’s specific demographics.

For example, Instagram is now dominated by Millennials and Gen Zers - so if your target audience is this demographic, you’ll want to create content that speaks directly to them. And don’t forget about Facebook - its user base is split almost evenly between 18-29 year-olds and 30-49 year-olds - so again, carefully consider your target audience when creating content.

Social media video ads come in all shapes and sizes, from short snippets to informative how-tos. And what’s great about them is the ability to track metrics like views, likes, shares, and comments, providing feedback that helps businesses make better decisions on where to focus efforts to build a strong social media presence.

By understanding each platform’s unique audience and creating tailored content, businesses can successfully engage with viewers and draw them into their brand or product.

Reach Your Branding Video Goals With Atomic 8!

The secret to any successful video marketing campaign is having the insight and resources to create compelling, engaging video content that adheres explicitly to your branding needs and the needs and interests of your preferred customer.

At Atomic 8, we specialize in developing custom video marketing strategies engineered to put your marketing videos in front of customers actively searching for the products or services your company specializes in. Ready to achieve all your branding video goals?

Contact Atomic 8 today to schedule a consultation with our video marketing specialists!

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